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Papa Beach, A Calm and Natural Beach in Lombok Worth Visiting

When you heard of Papa Beach, you may wonder where the beach exactly is. What kind of beach it is. Papa is one of the beautiful beaches in Lombok Island. Although the beach is not as popular as Kuta or Senggigi, the panorama is as beautiful as those beaches. You will not regret when you decide to visit the beach. Including the beach in your travel plan will not be a waste of money.
You can see a panoramic view when you are in the beach. The blue sea water, the sand and the calm situation give you a peaceful memory. You can calm your mind and let out all of your stress just by enjoying the beautiful panorama of the beach. 

          Papa Beach lies in the eastern part of West Nusa Tenggara. Precisely, the beach is situated in Lambu Village, Lambu District, Bima Regency, West Nusa Tenggara. To reach the beach, you have to go through challenging track. You need hard work and many efforts to reach the beach. To reach the beach, you have to go through a long and winding road. Sometimes, the road you have to go is so ascending that you really have to be careful.
However, you will enjoy your journey since the panorama along the way is so beautiful and natural. You can go to the beach by bus from Mataram or Bima, no matter where you are, there are buses available for you. Otherwise, you can rent a private care for about Rp400,000 to Rp600,000 (US$410.00 to US$610.00) a day.

          For you who love nature, Papa Beach is the right place for you. The beach has natural panorama and it is still pure with less construction of buildings. So this is the best place for you who want to find peace. The off coast with its slight slope is very suitable for you who want to swim or play in the water. It is comfortable enough to swim and play.
Papa Beach has amazing panorama. You can enjoy the peak of Mount Sangiang. It is one of active volcanoes in Bima. Otherwise, you can do snorkeling or diving in the beach. However, you should bring your own equipment since there is no rental equipment in this area. Or you can bike or hike around the beach.        

          You will not find complete facilities when visiting Papa Beach. You will not find any big hotels or resorts around the beach. Instead, you will only find small huts which may be built just for visitors to take a rest. You may not feel comfortable when you want to rest or sit in the beach.
So, it is recommended that you bring your mat so that you can relax in the beach. You should also bring your own drink and food since there are no restaurants around the beach. If you decide to spend the night in the island, you can set a tent or stay in one of local houses. Staying in the beach will be an exciting experience.
          Papa Beach may be unfamiliar for you. However, the nature and the beauty of the beach are worth visiting.
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