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Raam Island, One of the Nearest Islands to Sorong, West Papua

Raam Island is one of the islands in Sorong, West Papua. The island can be seen clearly once you have been in Sorong. Sorong is a beautiful city and it is surround the city has comparable beauty to the city itself. The islands even have become the mainstay tourism potential to Sorong. 

Raam is among the island which the greatest potential among all. It has exotic beauty. The sea and its surrounding nature are so incredible that it attracts many tourists to visit. The sea waves are so calm and peaceful. Visitors can play in the beach and feel the fresh of the sea water. You will feel like you are in paradise when you are in this island.   

Raam Island is not too far from Sorong City. It is only about half one kilometer from Sorong. Administratively, Raam lies in Sorong Islands District, Sorong City, West Papua. To reach the island, you must take a speed boat. It takes only about 15 minutes to reach the island from Sorong.
You only need to go to Sorong Port first, like Tanjung Kasuari Beach before you go to Raam. From Tanjung Kasuari, you can then go by speed boat to Raam.  The speed boat can hold some passengers at once, and therefore you can share for the cost with the other passengers.
Usually, a passenger will have to pay for Rp20,000 (US$2.00). Since the island is not too far from Sorong, you can go at any time. You don’t have to worry that you will be late going back to Sorong. You can go at noon, sightseeing for a while in the island and then go back to Sorong. You can do it within half a day.

Raam Island is a small island with the total area of about 5 hectares. The beaches have fine white sand and clear and clean sea water. The scenery of the entire island can be a n effective reliever for your stress. Especially, you don’t have to spend much money to visit the island. It is free to enter the beaches.
You only need to pay for the boat to the island. Don’t forget to bring enough food and drink since you can’t find any of them in this island. The island is a suitable place to spend the day with your family and friends. You can play or swim in the beautiful beaches and enjoy the fresh unpolluted air.

          Raam Island is an inhabited island. Thus, you can find home stays when you decide to spend the night in this island. The home stays provided by the local people are quite comfortable, though, it is better for you to spend the night in Sorong. Sorong provides more complete facilities to visitors, including hotels and other facilities like restaurants and cafes.
It only takes about 15 minutes to go back from Raam to Sorong. However, it depends on you whether you want to stay in a quiet peaceful island like Raam or Sorong with its complete facilities.
          Raam Island is not too far from Sorong. The access to the island is not difficult either. Hence, it is worth visit the island when you are in West Papua.

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