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Rontu Beach, A Calm and Relaxing Beach in Lombok

Lombok Island has many beautiful beaches, and one of them is Rontu Beach. For those who never travel to Lombok may never heard of this beach. The beach is indeed not as popular as other beaches in Lombok, such as Senggigi or Kuta.
However, when you travel to Lombok, include this beach to your destination plan. This is because the beach has an amazing panorama, just like those popular beaches. The beach is not too crowded, so it is suitable for you who want to find peace. You can have a good time in the beach. The beach is so calm that you can play in the beach without any disturbance. You can enjoy the blue sea water and the clean sand of the beach.
Rontu Beach is one of the beaches in Sumbawa Island. Precisely, it is situated in Tangga Baru Village, Monta District, Bima Regency, West Nusa Tenggara. It lies in the southern part of Bima City, and faces directly to Indian Ocean. Although the beach is too popular, the infrastructure of the beach is adequate.
The roads toward the beach are in good condition. All kinds of vehicles can pass through the roads. It takes about 1.5 to 2 hours driving from Bima to the beach. You can start your journey from Bima towards the airport. When you find a T-intersection, you must turn left and then continue to the south until you arrive at the beach.
You can go by taxi or rent a car if you don’t drive your own car. You will have to pay for about Rp400,000 to Rp600,000 (US$41.00 to US$61.00) per day.   

          Rontu Beach is so calm that it is the right place to refresh your mind. Many visitors just sit down on the beach to enjoy the calm sea waves and feel the breeze of the sea wind. Some others play or swim in the beach. Children usually love playing water in the edge of the beach or play with the sand.
The sand has various colors, from black to white. The colors of the sand is so beautiful, especially when you see it closely. Children can play in the sand and in the beach safely. The water is so clean, almost no garbages are found in the beach. Thus, it is really safe to swim in the beach. Otherwise, you can simply take pictures with the background of the beach.

         The beach doesn’t provide enough accommodations such as hotels or resorts. It is better for you to stay in Bima when you visit the beach. You can come to the beach as early as possible and then go back to Bima in the evening.
Also, you should bring your own equipment if you want to do water activities, such as snorkeling. The beach has no rental equipment. The beach is so beautiful, but unfortunately the facilities are inadequate. However, it shouldn’t stop you from visiting the beach.  
          The beach has unique panorama. If you have a travel plan to go around lombok, you should never miss Rontu Beach.
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