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Tanah Lot, Catching an Amazing Sunset with Incredible Panorama in Bali

Tanah Lot is one of icon tourism in Bali. It is said, your visit to Bali never complete if you don’t go to Tanah Lot.  Whether you are local or oversea tourist, you will admire the two temples that are located on a big rock in the middle of Indonesian Ocean. Even, one of them is standing strongly on the cliff just like what you see in Uluwatu Temple. The temple was built by Dang Hyang Nirartha, a Hindu Siwa priest from Java. The temple itself is part of Dang Kahyangan and become a sacred temple to worship Sea God or good keeper. The most interesting spot that can be enjoyed by visitor is the scenery itself with the background of waves.

Location and accommodations
Tanah Lot is located at Beraban Village, Kediri Sub-district, Tabanan Regency, Bali or around 13 km at the west of Tabanan City. If you start your journey from Denpasar or Kuta, it takes around 1 hour by driving a  ar. To reach the temple, you need to park your vehicle and walk for 200 meter or just five minutes.
Along the way to the temple, you can find souvenir in mini shops that sell handmade from Bali and food stalls that offer you Balinese dishes. The price is affordable. If you still feel tired, you can take a rest there or just come when you back. The ticket is charged IDR 15,000 or US$1.5 per person for local and IDR 30,000 or US$3 per person for foreign tourist. 
If you want to explore some tourist destinations near Tanah Lot, you can stay in the hotels or villa around the temple. You don’t have to worry because the accommodations are very complete, like Tamu Seseh, Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort, D'sawah Villa, The Luku Villa, Alke Villas Spa & Restaurant, Anginsepoi, Dewi Sinta Hotel and Restaurant, and Agung Village.

As mentioned above, you have to walk to reach the temple. And one thing, don’t forget to bring your ticket because when you enter to the area of temple, there is checking ticket. If you like photography, take a picture of sunset is one thing you may not miss. Normally, the sunset come on 06.00 p.m. – 06.30 p.m. The sunset itself is one of beautiful sunset in the world because the view in this place is so perfect. Temple, waves of water, beautiful color in the sky, and the big rocks. 

But, your effort here can be challenging because the place will be crowded and the underfoot a bit slippery when the tide is high. Firstly, if you want to explore the area in Tanah Lot, as you arrive at the edge of asphalt at the gate, just turn down through the stairs and turn to the right. Don’t go to the temple first, but you can go to Karang Bolong. From the hill, at the right of temple, you can see a spectacular panorama. The left side is the temple in Tanah Lot and the right side is Karang Bolong. 
Karang Bolong itself is the stretches of rocks with the holes in the middle. Besides that, you will see the stretches of ocean and the cliffs. It is one of amazing panorama in Tanah Lot, because it is so fantastic. If you want to get the temple as the background of your pictures, you can go up to the rocks.
After you satisfy having some incredible pictures, you can go back to the area of temple in Tanah Lot. One thing you must remember, if the tide is high, you are not allowed to enter to the temple, except for those who want to pray.
Actually, around the temple there is a cave that is occupied by sea snakes that is well-known as sacred snakes. According to local residents, they believe if these snakes are the keeper of the temple in Tanah Lot. The snakes itself has stripe colors, i.e. black and white with flat shape. If you want to hold them, you can do it because they are not dangerous. Believe it or not, as you hold it, just make a wish in your heart. This is what local residents say to the tourists.
Besides having sacred snakes, the temple in Tanah Lot also has sacred water, like spring water that come out from the middle of the ocean. The water flows inside to the cave under the temple. You can try it once. The water itself is used for clean the soul. You can just wash your face from the head and drinks it while make a wish. And one thing, don’t forget to donate some money if you want to hold the snakes and take the spring water.
And in certain occasion, you will see religion ceremony. Actually, the best time to visit Tanah Lot is afternoon, started from 05.00 p.m. while waiting the sunset. If you come at noon, it can be very hot and sunny.

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