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Telunas Beach as the Best Relaxing Gateway in Batam

Telunas Beach is the mainstay of tourist destination in Karimun Regency to attract tourists, both local and international. The beach has white sand and exotic panorama just like a hidden paradise. With very fine of sand, you even can hear the sound of its sand when you step in. Although Telunas is a new beach but the popularity has been spreading from around the world, especially for tourist that comes from Singapore. The location itself is so close to Singapore and that make one who want to relax and rid the stress come here to enjoy the life.
Telunas Beach offers you eco-friendly, quality of life, and has potential to be developed because it has special character. Everyone can have fun and do many things, like water activities, hiking, or just explore the area around the beach. Fresh air, beautiful scenery, friendly people, and the beach itself will make you love to stay longer here.

Telunas Beach lies at Sugi Island, Moro sub-district, Karimun Regency, Kepulauan Riau (Riau Archipelago) Province. To reach the beach, you can take a boat or speedboat from Tanjung Balai for about 45 minutes. If you start your journey from Batam City, you can take a ferry that departs from Sekupang Port and it takes around 90 minutes. But, if you come from the big cities in Indonesia, like Medan, Jakarta, Bali, you can take a flight to Batam. 
Most of visitor who visit Telunas Beach will stay in one of beautiful resort named Telunas Beach Resort. They have cottage made from wood. To reach the resort, you can start it from Sekupang Port in Batam for about 90 minutes. And if you start your journey from Hang Nadim Airport, it takes an hour by a car to Sekupang Port. Staying in the cottage can be unforgettable moment because the ambience is so comfortable and you can find tranquility and serenity because each cottages face to the ocean. 

However, if you still want to explore tourist destination near Batam City, you can stay in Swiss-Belhotel Harbour Bay, Gideon Hotel Batam, Harmoni Suites Hotel, Golden View Hotel, Nagoya Mansion Hotel and Residence, Batam View Beach Resort, HARRIS Hotel Batam Center, and Tempat Senang Spa Resort & Restaurant.

As the first time you step in Telunas Beach, you only have two words to say, spectacular and amazing. Yes, that is true because the beach is such like an amazing place to relax for one who needs a quite spot and chill for romantic long weekend. That is mean you can spend your days with your couple.
The location of the beach is great and you can find pretty view wherever you go. And you may not miss to walk with bare foot in this sandy beach. If you like adventuring and exploring, this is the best zone because you can do many things, like kayaking, fishing, canoeing, hiking, and swimming. 
In Telunas Beach, you also will love to start your day by sitting while seeing crystal water with turquoise ambience of the water. The fish swim freely and sometime they jump on the surface to show off their skill. The beach has long coastline with sloping condition and sandy with many dense trees at the edge of the beach.
If you don’t want to do anything, you can pick your favorite books and stay on the hammock while enjoying the breeze from the ocean and overlooking the water. Maybe, while reading the book, you can hear other visitors play soccer or volley. Although there are many things you can do at day, you still can do something at night by looking crab.
Most of the visitor in Telunas Beach is expats from Singapore, Malaysia, and Korea. They come with group about 30 – 90 people and do many things, like outbound, tracking to the forest, camping, or just doing water activities.  

It is not surprising if Telunas Beach become favorite spot for people who come around Batam because the provider of the beach offers eco-friendly facilities, attractive activities, and consistent to develop the beach. Besides that, it will be a good chance to try local dishes that have delicious taste.
Coming to Telunas Beach means you ready to the ambience of nirvana. Lovely place, incredible scenery, stunning atmosphere and serenity. This is the time to leave stress behind and enjoy the live while watching the sun going down.

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