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Amed Beach, The Paradise of Snorkeling And Diving in East Bali

Amed Beach has an exotic view and becomes paradise for the big fan of diving and snorkeling. That’s right. Although there are some underwater spots in Bali, but the beauty of the beach cannot be compared. The other uniqueness of the beach is the black sand which very rare and even difficult to find one in Bali because most of them having white sand.

Location of Amed Beach
Amed beach is located at Karangasem and can be reached from the city for about 30 minutes. You can start your journey from Denpasar and the beach can be reached almost 2.5 hours. If you are still blind about the location in Bali, it is better if you rent a car and the driver because they will drive you there. You only need to pay IDR500k per day. So, along the trip you can take the picture freely with your camera.
However, if you want to explore the land of Bali, you can rent a motorcycle (IDR50k per day). Just bring a map, compass, or application of map on your smartphone. Or, you can take public transportation. From Denpasar, you can go to Batubulan terminal in Amlapura Karangasem. It will takes around 2 hours and then you hire a bemo (motorcycle transportation) to Amed beach for about 30 minutes.

Snorkeling and diving in Amed Beach
Travelers, if you are really a big fan of underwater sport, diving and snorkeling must be familiar for you. And Amed Beach is a perfect spot you have to conquer. By hiring snorkeling equipment (IDR30k), now you can explore how sexy is the view of underwater life in Amed Beach. The water itself is very clear and the coral reefs are also healthy. This condition invites cute fishes to settle down and feeding. There, you can meet cardinal fish, trigger fish, banner fish, and also damselfish.

Although you never been snorkeling or diving, you do not have to worry because close to the beach, there is a lake that often to be used to learn snorkeling and diving for the beginner. Even, some hotel near Amed Beach offers the package of diving. This is really a good news for those who want to be a real diver.

After exploring underwater of Amed Beach, you can continue going to Jemeluk Village. The distance is not too far and you can take a boat to reach the village. In this place, you can meet the garden of reef with amazing panorama. There is also shipwreck belong to Japanese soldier during World War II. The shipwreck become the main attraction of Jemeluk Village.

Beside snorkeling and diving, you also can explore more about Amed Beach. Such as welcoming the sunrise or visit fishermen village. They produce salt with traditional process. One of activities which is very rare for people who live in the city.

Then, where to stay as you travel to Amed Beach Bali? Do not worry because near the beach there are many bungalow or hotel in Karangasem Bali.
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