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Ayung River Rafting, The Unforgettable Experience in Bali

Ayung River rafting Bali is one of the biggest target for travelers who want to challenge the adrenalin beside surfing in the beaches. This is a perfect spot for you guys because you can have fun and explore the atmosphere of rural along the route of rafting. The variation of river’s flow and spectacular scenery is addictive, indeed. And if you curious to know and want to prove how sensational is the Ayung River rafting, you can find out by continue reading the article below.

Location Ayung River Rafting
The spot of Ayung River rafting is located at Gianyar Bali and it takes around 1 hour from Denpasar. If you start your journey from Ngurah Rai Airport, it needed around 75 minutes. However, if you book through the operator, such as Sobek Rafting, Ayung Rafting, Bali Rafting, Bahama Rafting and many more, they will pick you up from the hotel. 
Explore Ayung River Rafting Bali
The excitement of Ayung River rafting will be more fun if you doing it with your friends. Commonly, the starting point is started from Abiansemal in Badung and finish point is in Ubud. Initially, you are suggested to change the clothes and keep your stuffs, such as wallet, camera, and handphone to the keeper. Then, you have to listen the instruction from professional instructor. 

Listen carefully and watch what he says about how to use a pedal, safety jacket, helm, the right position to sit on boat, how to manuver on the boat and how to escape when the boat is turning. The route of Ayung River Rafting has 12 – 13 km length and can be finished around 2 – 2.5 hours. 

When the preparation is finish, you can start the journey to explore Ayung River. Firstly, you may meet calm river’s flow and that is a perfect time to enjoy the green scenery like fields and quiet atmosphere at the left and right side of the river in Ubud. Next, the ripple of water will welcome you and this is the time to manuver. But do not worry because if you concern to what instructor said, it will be easey to conquer the river. 

An unexpected surprise during Ayung River rafting can be found suddenly such as magnificent waterfall, the rocks, villas, hotels, and the shady trees. Yes, you can stop rafting and take the picture and next you can continue pedaling. Because the media during Ayung River rafting is water, you can play for a while by dipping you hands and feel the cool of water. It must be refreshing.

Soon, you will amaze to witness the rocks at the edge of river with the story of Ramayana. This carving was made by Balinese artists and the length is around 200 – 300 meters. So beautiful to see different side of Balinese arts because the location of carving is beside the Ayung River. Pretty different than other rafting spots in Indonesia and even in the world.

As you enjoy Ayung River rafting, you can take the picture. Usually, the operator of rafting in Bali include candid pictures, but off course the rate will be more expensive. However, you will never regret to pay more because it can be a sweet memory as you visit and explore Bali, especially in Ubud. If you want to take your picture by yourself, you can bring waterproof camera because it will be practical and you can have more pictures for yourself or your friends on the boat.

Finally, you will come to finish point of Ayung River rafting. If you are feeling hungry this is the time to taste local dishes because the operator will entertain you with buffet, snacks or hot tea. With beautiful area and exhausted after rafting, you will enjoy the lunch nicely next to the Ayung River.

Actually, Ayung River rafting is not only for adult, but if you go with your children, they can join with you. Do not worry because the level of rafting in Ayung River is safe but off course you have to monitor for their safety. 

Then how much is the rate for Ayung River rafting and when is the best time to go there? Travelers, the rate is depend to the operator you are taken but it will be ranging from IDR250k – IDR400k. And May to October is the best time to visit because that moment is dry season and the water will be clearer. If you want to explore more about Ubud, you can book hotel in Ubud. Happy rafting!

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