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Mount Rinjani, A Paradise on The Sky

Mount Rinjani is a hanging paradise on the sky. Yes, if you curious to know more, you have to come here and prove it. Not only Indonesian, the popularity of Mount Rinjani has been spreading to all around the globe. As you success climbing the peak, you will see how beautiful is the land of Lombok. 

As one of highest mount in Indonesia, Mount Rinjani is so special for local people, especially for Sasak Tribe and Hindu. They believe that the mount is one of sacred mount and a place of God besides Mount Semeru and Mount Agung. To achieve the peak, there are many alternative’s route you can try.

The official route to Mount Rinjani will ease the climber. The mount itself is positioned on 3,726 meters above sea surface and nowadays become very much populer for tourist who love nature. The beauty of the mount can not be compared because you will see a lake there. Yes, Segara Anak Lake on the peak of Mount Rinjani. And here are some official routes to climb Mount Rinjani
Senaru Route
Senaru is one of popular route to climb because its route is used as treking tourism and often to be used by local people for ritual tradition on the peak of Mount Rinjani or Segara Anak Lake. The route is Senaru – Pelawangan Senaru – Segara Anak Lake by on foot which is taken 10 – 12 hours through trail tourism at the primer forest. Along the trail, you will find rest area at each posts. From the gate of Senaru to Segara Anak Lake, there are 3 posts and along the trip you will enjoy the beauty of heavy forest and amazing rocks. 

From Segara Anak Lake, you can continue climbing Mount Rinjani to Pelawangan Sembalun which is takes around 4 hours. And from Pelawangan Sembalun to the peak of Mount Rinjani, you have to move forward for about 3 – 4 hours. Commonly, the climbing to the peak started around 2 am so that you will have a chance to catch the sunrise and also the beauty of Lombok Island, even Bali Island from the height. 

Sembalun Route
Sembalun Route is the most hectic route and favorite for those who love trecking. The route is : Sembalun Lawang Gate – Pelawangan Sembalun – Peak of Mount Rinjani (needed 9 – 10 hours). This route is very dramatic and atractive for treking tourism because you will pass savana desert and the back of mount which is winding with cliffs on the left and right side. 

Compared by Senaru route, Sembalun route is not too steep but dominated by savanah. This condition will make you sweaty more. The good news is you will see beautiful scenery from the desert, green valeys and forest along the route. The wind of savanah will accompany you along the route. 

The atmosphere of the desert is so exotic. Usually, the sunshine will burn the land but you will be lucky if the cloud hanging on the sky. Yes, the route of Mount Rinjani is amazing, indeed. After reaching the peak of Mounth Rinjani, you can take a rest for a while and enjoy the panorama from the height.

Break the limit, that is the words you must remember as you conquer the peak of Mount Rinjani because it will be so exhausted. But, as you arrive on the peak, you will never regret to struggle because the panorama from the height is very beautiful. When the weather is clear, you can see Sumba Island, Balis Island and the whole Lombok Island. From the distance, Mount Agung in Bali standing so cool. 

In this spot, you can take a break for a while collecting the energy to get down to Segara Anak Lake. You have to be very careful to reach the lake because the trek is dangerous, rocky and sandy. The panorama of Segara Anak Lake in the morning as the sunrise come out will make your heart stop beating. Wonderful! 

Beside an exotic panorama, hot spring is what you can try in Segara Anak Lake. Yes, Mount Rinjani always full of surprise because after you try hard to reach the peak, you will have chance to relax your body in the hot spring among wild monkeys. Waiting for sunset is also favorite moment for climbers in Mount Rinjani because as the sun come down, the color around the lake is totally changing. Beautiful and spectacular. 

Then, when is the best time to climb Mount Rinjani? Travelers, you can go there from June to August because that is dry season and will be safer to reach the peak. Happy climbing!

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