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The Beauty of Kelimutu Lake

Kelimutu Lake is located at Flores Island, Nusa Tenggara Barat. The mountain and the lake become favorit spot for tourist from all around the world. The mountain itself has three crates on the peak. One of uniqueness of Kelimutu’s craters are having different color, i.e , blue, red and white color. 

Kelimutu word is taken from the word of ‘keli’ (mountain) and mutu (boiled). Local people believe that each colors of Kelimutu Lake has each meanings according to the colors. Red color means Tiwu Ata Polo or the place of dead’s soul that during the life doing bad things or black magic. The blue one means Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai means the place of youth’s dead soul. And the white one mean Tiwu Ata Mbupu or the place of old’s dead soul.

Currently, the color of each lakes is changing and it is influenced by the sulfur level and other chemical compounds. Nowadays, the color of blue lake is changing into green color, and the red color changing into brown to black color and the white color is changing into black color. 

When you climb to the mountain, you will witness the beauty of Kelimutu, the panorama, the lake itself, and also the color of water. Then, where to start the journey to Kelimutu Lake?


For the goodness, you are suggested to start in the early morning. But actually it will depend to the location of the hotel you stay, either hotel in Flores or hotel in Ende. If you want to hunt a sexy sunrise, you may want to spend the time in the hotel close to the Kelimutu Lake. And one of popular village to stay is Moni Village which is located 12 km from Kelimutu. Before you climb, you still have chance to explore the village by strolling around beautiful rice terraces and stretch of paddy field. So fantastic.

Usually, to catch the sunrise travelers start to climb the mount from the foot of mountain around 04.00 am. The footpath toward to peak is surrounded by pine trees because the Kelimutu Lake is around Kelimutu National Park and you can follow the arrow sign to avoid dangerous area. 

As you arrive at the peak of mountain, you can take the pictures while enjoying the scenery of Kelimutu Lake through with a specific smell of sulfur. One of favorite spot around Kelimutu Lake is around Observation Monument or Tugu Pengamatan (1.690 m). 

Once you stay there, you feel do not want to get down because the beauty of Kelimutu Lake is so astonishing. There is something interesting when you find the mist covering the lake. Local people believe if you whistling, the mist will go away and you can see the color of lake clearly. But do not expect for long time because you may have 5 minutes to take the picture. Although this is only a myth, but you can try it. 

The mist becomes your best friend and it comes and goes quickly. The scenery of forest and trees is so beautiful. And when the mist come down, it looks like a thin curtain. One of spot you can explore is a small monument and it is believed as a place for Bung Karno (the first president in Indonesia) to do meditation.

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