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Trunyan Village, Witnessing the Dead Bodies on the Ground

Trunyan Village is one of traditional village in Bali and belong to Bali Age category or Old Bali. The village has different tradition than other daily life in Bali. Resident in Trunyan Village dont undergo Ngaben (burning the dead body) as common funeral in Bali. After cleaning ritual, the dead body will be put under Taru Menyan tree, only covered by pieces of bamboo. Taru Menyan tree itself is an aromatic tree and people believe that the tree spreads fragrant to absorb the smell of dead body. Amazing!

Location and transportation to Trunyan Village
Trunyan Village is located at Kintamani sub-district, Bangli Regency, Bali, precisely at the east of Batur Lake and close to Mount Batur. The village can be reached easily by boat through Trunyan Village which is take around 15 minutes. 

You must have braveness to bargain the cost of the boat, or the owner of the boat will take higher prices. Usually they will charge around IDR350k per couple. If they insist you, you can wait other passenger so that you can go to Trunyan Village together. It will be cheaper for all.
Times to explore Trunyan Village
At the end, you will be arrive at Trunyan Village. To reach the area of grave, you still have to continue the journey by taking a boat. It will take around 15 minutes while you enjoy the calmness of Batur Lake. As you arrive at the grave’s complex, you will see there is a place with concave shape. Entering to inside the grave, you will be welcomed by 2 temples with the stretch of skulls and a place to put coin for travelers.

If you walk further, you can see a big tree named as Taru Menyan which is mean as a fragrant tree. They say, the tree becomes the reason why the dead bodies here don't have odor because it can neutralize the stench odor. 

Next, you can see the stretch of whole skeleton. Be careful when you walk and look down, or you will step  the part of body’s skeleton. If you are lucky, you will see a new dead body laying on the ground. You may curious is there any possibility for animal to destroy the dead body? Well actually people in Trunyan Village protect the grave from wild animal by giving a protector made from bamboo (called as ancak saji) around the dead body. 

The fact is only married person with normal condition who is allowed to be buried there. Plus, a baby which have had broken milk teeth. People who died because of accident, they will be buried at different place, called as Seme Cerik. They say, one who did something bad during the life, the dead body will take longer time to be decomposed. But, the procession of decomposition of good people will be faster.

Probably, the popularity of Trunyan Village is because the dead body in the grave has no odor although there are countless skeletons. The secret is the presence of  Taru Menyan Tree. That is why people from all around the world curious to know and want to witness them self.

Ritual of funeral
The ritual of funeral has to be done on a good day. Starting from making ancak saji, preparation of offering and clothes for the dead body, till the process of funeral. To lay a new dead body, the oldest skeleton inside the ancak saji will be taken and will be put together with other skeleton at the left of ancak saji. 

After the cleaning process done, the new dead body will be laid without clothes, just covered by a dress . Then, people protect it back with ancak saji. All of the ritual has to be done in a day. Woman who is originally from Trunyan Village is not allowed to come around the grave because people believe that the village will get disaster. But, non villager from Trunyan is allowed to see the uniqueness of grave.

Interesting, isn’t it? If you curious to know more about Trunyan Village, you can start your journey to Bali. Just book hotel in Bali to explore more tourist destinations in Bali. Happy traveling.

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