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Misool Eco Resort, Exploring a Small Paradise at Raja Ampat

Misool Island is look like a small paradise with beautiful beaches and enchanting marine park. As an archipelago, Raja Ampat Indonesia has dozen of island you could visit and at the north of Raja Ampat, you can go to Misool Island which is has direct boarder to Seram Sea. Misool itself is one of biggest island in Raja Ampat. The stretch of cliffs and rocks lining from west to east. 

Misool Island Indonesia is a creation of masterpiece and even you cant express it with the sweetest words. If this is about man’s creation, Misool is the best because from the high, you will see the most incredible seascape on earth. Although the sunset in Misool Island is not the best place in Indonesia, but the beautiful islands with white sands, turquoise color, and formation of rocks are amazing. 
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Transportation from Jakarta to Sorong
Travelers, to reach Misool Island, you can go to Domne Eduard Osok Airport at Sorong. If you start your journey from Jakarta, you can take a flight Jakarta – Sorong and transit via Makassar (IDR4,000k round trip). As you arrive at Sorong, you have to catch a speedboat to cross to Misool for about 4 – 5 hours. 

Before you enter to Raja Ampat archipelago, you need to pay entrance ticket at Raja Ampat Tourism Center, for local is IDR500k and foreign is IDR1,000k. The office will give you a pin and identity card as the evidence of payment. Next, you can stay at a homestay at Harapan Jaya Island by paying USD34 – USD43 per person per day. Then you can take a speedboat to Harfat Jaya Dapunlol Hill to enjoy the stretch of karst islands.

To rent a speedboat in Misool is expensive, i.e. around IDR6,000k per 5 days. If you want to run budget trip, you can go there with a group or join travel agent like Wisata Raja Ampat that provide Misool Trip by paying around IDR6,000k included flight tickets. 

Misool Eco Resort Raja Ampat
Misool is a pieces of paradise on earth because you will open your eyes widely and amaze the island. One of place you can choose to stay longer in Raja Ampat is Misool Eco Resort. This resort offers you complete facilities with incredible view. Alhough the Misool Eco Resort prices is expensive but it doesnt make travelers avoid to stay there. 

Here, you have to pay around IDR6,000k per day. For backpacker, this is expensive and they prefer to choose homestay. Dont be surprise knowing Misool Eco Resort prices because the resort is nominated as one of the best resort in the world by CNN. Besides that, there are other resort in Misool with competitive prices. 

Explore Misool Island
Misool is popular for incredible panorama, especially the marine life. One of spot you can try as you come to Misool Island is Magic Mountain. There, you will have chance to swim together with manta rays under 6 meters depth. Thats can be unforgettable moment, especially for one who just already meet manta rays for the first time. 

In Magic Mountain spot, you dont need to dive too deeper to get spectacular underwater view because within 5 – 10 meters, you can meet colorful fishes. The clear and crystal water enable you to see the marine life even when you still on boat. The visibility of the water is around 25 meters and it means you will have opportunity to see gigantic view.

At Misool Island, you also can see turquoise water that will refresh your eyes, even before you jump into the sea. The clear water will enable you to see the seabed as a silhouette of paradise. The picturesque view of the sea with white sands along the seashore look so amazing. The beach is also surrounded by tropical forest and green mangrove.

Misool Island Indonesia has 3 hills. The three hills can be reached by climbing and from the height, the view will be wider and it will ease you to see the group of karst islands. Those islands are Motnikale, Harfat, and Dapunlol Hill. If you never been climbing, you are recommended to try Dafalen Hill because the height is only 60 meters.

If you want to get unforgettable moment and practical, you can take Misool Island Raja Ampat package and stay at Eco Resort start from IDR15.000k, including ticket and stay at Eco Resort. You will experience and visit incredible places as well. The beauty of the island is cannot be expressed by words because only your heart can feel it. Although Misool Island Raja Ampat package offered by travel agents can be different, but you will not mind because each packages has their own offering.

6 Things to do in Misool Island Raja Ampat, Papua

Misool Island Raja Ampat is a paradise for divers from all around the globe. With the diversity of underwater animals, Misool Island Indonesia also get the name ‘Amazon of the Sea’. Well actually, it is not surprising because once you dive or snorkel there, you will find an extraordinary panorama and dont want to come out from the water. Now, lets find out what things to do in Misool Island Indonesia.

1.      Diving at Misool Island
The most activities you can do at Misool Island Indonesia is snorkeling and diving. You will definitely want to feel the freshness of water as you arrive here. Misool Indonesia itself has several diving spots you can explore. One of them is coral reef that look like a round window. Usually, the divers will play around the window, come and out while diving.

If you are lucky, you will have opportunity to meet manta rays flying freely around you. The other diving spot you have to try at Misool Island Raja Ampat is Kaleidoskop. In this area, you will witnes both panorama of surface and underwater are spectacular. There are also napoleon fish and manta ray swimming freely in this pot.
Beside having gigantic underwater, you also can find other interesting spot in Misool Island Indonesia, i.e. underwater cave. You need to dive until 35 meters depth with a torch to explore Forondi Cave. In this cave, you will feel the sensation of diving in a dark zone and the torch you bring is the only one tool to guide you and ease you to see the marine life.

Next, you also can try to explore Wabal Cave at Misool Island Raja Ampat. The entry point to this spot is quite narrow, i.e. only 1 meter with 9 meters depth and 15 meters length. Wabal Cave is more friendly for those people who phobia to the darkness and depth.

2.      Visiting Keramat Cave
There are many places you can explore at Misool Island Indonesia, such as visiting Keramat Cave. There, you can  see the ancient painting on the rock’s wall at Sumbayo and Sumalelen. Next, you can swim and snorkel at Yapap or other snorkeling spot at Banos Island. To visit the cave, you have to take a boat.

3.      Visiting Yapap    
The next trip is Yapap. Some people call this spot as a pieces of heaven. You will directly agree and fall in love to this place. The reason is because Yapap is the area with the formation of rocks and islands with many shapes. When you explore with a boat, you need to go to the higher deck with the view 3600. When you see it carefully, it seems the rocks come out from the sea and this is a spectacular panorama you ever been meet in your life.

Travelers, if during this time you dream having a large swimming pool with natural scenery, Yapap is what you are looking for. Having clean and shallow water, surrounded by green trees, white sand in the seabed, no current water, and turquoise color of area make you want to spend the time longer.

4.      Lenmakana Lake with jellyfish
Most of people avoid a lake or beach that full of jellyfish that can sting. But you wont do this when you visit Misool Island Raja Ampat because the island has 5 lakes with jellyfish and they are friendly to you. However, only two lakes are accessible for tourists now, and one of them is Lenmakana Lake.

Although there is no stairs to help you come down to the jellyfish lake, but you can get alternative way. You can climb the rocks to achieve the lakeside. And your struggle is worthed. Swimming at Lenmakana Lake with hundreds of jellyfish that wont sting you and it seems like you are in different dimension. When the jellyfish swim under water, they are so cute and when you touch it, it creates great sensation.

5.      Exploring cone stones in Misool Island
While you exploring Misool Island, the prominent view you will find out are cone stones. Yes, cone stones are one of attraction in this island. The size is very big with a perfect shapes. It seems someone sculpted it with all of the heart and display it in a strategic spot. The cone stones appears from the sea among islands in Raja Ampat. The height of cone stones can reach tens meter among white sand and shallow water.

6.      Visiting sharks in Misool Island Raja Ampat

Jaam Island in Misool has to be one place you have to visit as well because this is the right place to meet sharks. So, if you cant dive and want to enjoy Misool Island from above, Jaam Island is the right choice. Actually, the island itself is the place to hunt sharks because this is the feeding place for them. Moreover, the white sand, coconut trees, and turquoise color of water become your friend in Jaam Island.

Sawarna Beach, The Best Beach To Surf and Camping in Banten

Sawarna Beach Banten is a new idol for travelers, both local and foreign. It doesnt come suddenly because the fact is that the presence of social media very effective to introduce one of the most beautiful beach in Banten. Yes, currently Sawarna Beach is a perfect place to visit during your holiday or weekend because you can relax and do many activities in one place. So if you love adventure and waiting to conquer the adrenaline, you have to spend your time here. Now, lets go and have fun there.

Location of Sawarna Beach Banten
Sawarna Beach is situated at Sawarna Village, Bayah sub-district, Lebak Regency, Banten or 150 km from Rangkasbitung City. If you start your journey from Jakarta, you can drive within 7 – 8 hours. To reach the location, you can choose many routes. Firstly, Jakara – Serang – Pandeglang – Malimping – Bayah – Sawarna Beach Banten. Next, if you come from Pelabuhan Ratu, the route is Pelabuhan Ratu – Ciabareno – Bayah – Sawarna Beach Banten.

For practical way, you are suggested to rent a car. But if you want to be a real adventurer, you can take public transportation. Wherever you come, you can end it at Bayah Terminal. Then, you can take ojek or taxi motorcycle by paying IDR20k – IDR30k. Or, you can choose riding a jeep. Choosing a jeep is a wise decision because the access to Sawarna Beach Banten a bit extreme and exhausted.

Picture Tantular
The beauty of Sawarna Beach Banten
Travelers, although the location of Sawarna Beach a bit isolated, but you will never regret to come. As you stepping at the seashore, you will directly amaze to see the beauty of the beach. You can immagine. The white sand stretchs so wide and the green hills standing side by side at the beach.

Moreover, the crystal water with blue color becomes a perfect panorama in front of you. The ornament of the cliffs spreading at the seashore of Sawarna Beach Banten. And there is no doubt when people dedicate the beach as one of incredible beach in Banten. So, don’t let your camera or smartphone free because you have to catch more pictures and share it to your friends.

Besides that, you also can surround the beach barefoot and play with the beach. Those are the common activities, but you are not suggested to play the wave too far from the seashore or swimming because the wave in the Sawarna Beach is wild. So this is not safe to do both.

Surfing Sawarna Beach Banten
Surfing Sawarna Beach is one of the main attraction, especially for professional surfer from around the world because the wave of water is constant and high. The fact is that the beach is facing Hindia Ocean and this position enable surfers to do many maneuvers to conquer the wild wave.

Thus, if you are surfing lover, you will excited to visit Sawarna Beach Banten. Even, you will meet other professional surfers from other country, such as from USA, Japan, Korea, and Australia. You can play together and sharing the tips to surf to be more expert.

Do this at Sawarna Beach Banten
The activities above are not the only one you can do as you visit Sawarna Beach because if you still have time and curious to explore more, there are other tourist destinations near the beach, such as Karang Taraje Beach, Pulo Manuk Beach, Ciantir Beach, and Pasir Tangkil Hill. Besides that, if you want to explore the cave, you can go directly to Singalong Cave, Sikadir Cave, Lalay Cave, Langir Cave, Seribu Candi Cave, and Cimaul Cave.

Where to stay in Sawarna Beach
Traveler, dont worry about the accommodation here because there are so many homestay, villa and hotel near the beach with the range start from IDR100k – IDR300k, such as Sawarna Beach, Homestay Niken, Homestay Hudayana, Homestay Wisi, Pesona Ayu Hotel, and Madang Villa. However, if you want to unite with the nature, you can build a tent at the seashore. If you interested, dont forget to ask permission the the local resident who stay close to the beach.

It will be fun to stay all the night in a tent because it means you will have chance to hunt sunset and sunrise in the morning. At night, you can calculate the stars in the sky or playing guitar with your friends. Pretty fun, isn't it?

Elephant Tourism Tangkahan, Time To Play With Cute Elephants

Elephant tourism Tangkahan is the most attractive destination in Leuser National Park. How comes? Well, you may often seeing elephant at the zoo. But, what if you see a group of elephants act so funny and friendly to you? Yes, this is what you can find out in Tangkahan, North Sumatra. Bringing ecotourism concept, elephant tourism Tangkahan would teach you to be nature’s friend.

Tangkahan itself got the name of ‘The Hidden Paradise’. If you come there at evening, you can stay in the hotel. There are cottage and homestay near Tangkahan with affordable prices start from IDR100k to IDR350k. But, firstly you need to report your visit at Visitor Center. If you want practical journey, you can purchase tourism package there start from IDR250k – IDR10,375k.
Location of elephant tourism Tangkahan
The elephant tourism is located at Tangkahan Village, Batang Serangan sub-district, Langkat Regency, North Sumatra. Tangkahan itself is surrounded by green hills and rich of natural panorama. If you want to get flexible journey, you are suggested to rent a car and driver because it will enable you to get the chance to enjoy your holiday. Make sure to find a good car with working windows because you will meet dusty roads.

It will take around 4 hours from Kuala Namu International Airport. To get there, you can take public transportation, i.e. bus from Pinang Barus Terminal which is only available twice a day. However, you also can take tourism bus from the airport. Along the trip, you will meet trucks bringing palm because most of the land in North Sumatra is used as palm oil plantation.

Tracking at Leuser National Park Tangkahan
Actually, there are many things you can do as you arrive there, such as tracking to Leuser National Park, visiting elephant conservation at CRU (Conservative Response Unit) and tubing in the river. Moreover, if you interested to explore the forest deeper, you can try jungle tracking with the instructors. So, if you are crazy in love to tracking, Leuser National Park must be visited. Not only offers you the beauty of nature, but you will get more knowledge about flora and fauna that exist in the national park.

To get to Leuser National Park, you have to pass  Batang Serangan River and Buluh River. You can rent a gethek or traditional boat by paying IDR3k per 3 days. During tracking, you are suggested to wear long trouser and long socks to avoid leachs beaten and suck your blood. When you explore the forest deeper, you will find Uning or the source of water for animal in the national park.

The tracking will be more fun when you get down because the small river will welcome you. There are so many fruits, such as banana and pineapple grow there. The good news is that you can eat those fruits when you take a rest before continuing the tracking. Not too far from the river, there is  Batang Serangan which is suitable for swimming. Yes sure. You definitely want to refresh yourself after the long tracking. And if you purchase tour package, you will have opportunity to enjoy the lunch at the bank of the river with incredible view.

Bathing the elephant at Tangkahan
Well, not only in Thailand, you also will have chance to bath and play with elephant at Tangkahan. Not only those activities, you even will have chance to explore the bank of river with smart elephants.

Actually elephant conservation in Tangkahan has 8 male and 7 female elephants. Those animals have their own keeper to ensure tourist that they riding elephant with professional. In this conservation, you will have chance to do many thing, such as elephant feeding, elephant riding, and elephant bathing. What makes tourist love is when they have chance to bath the elephant in the Namogeltus River. 

With a small brush, you have to bath the elephant. Dont be afraid because the elephant’s skin is very thick and it will not hurt them. While bathing and brushing the elephant, ask your friends to take the pictures. This will be unforgettable moment as you visit elephant tourism Tangkahan. After they looks cute and fresh, next you will have other duty to feed elephant.

Elephant riding is the next activity. You only need to pay IDR300k and surround the conservation area within 10 minutes and tracking by surround the forest by paying IDR10,000k. Each elephant can be ride by 3 passengers, included the keeper. However, you only have chance to do it from Monday to Thursday. Riding elephant by surrounding the forest is a favorite activity because you will get a new experience while exploring the heavy tropical forest in Sumatra.
River tubing at Leuser National Park
Travelers, if you still have energy to do more, you can try river tubing at  Batang Serangan. The route is from Batang Serangan River to Buluh River. So, if you want to try rafting but afraid of strong current, river tubing in Tangkahan can be an alternative activity because while you tubing, you will witness the beauty of forest which is very clean. 

If that is still not enough, you can walk around 30 minutes to go to other spot, i.e. Namuceceng at the top of Buluh River. In this spot, you can swim and challenge the adrenaline by jumping from to cliff. After that, you can relax your body by visiting hot spring near Buluh River. Just keep in mind to hold to tube tightly and wear proper attribute. You surely don't want your sandals and the tube floating.

Combination between natural scenery and elephant conservation in Tangkahan offers something different to tourists. That is why foreign tourist interested to come and explore this area. Those are what you can do while doing elephant tourism at Tangkahan, North Sumatra? How it sounds? Don’t say that you are a real adventurer before you travel to Leuser National Park. So many fascinating activities are waiting for you.

Pulau Merah Beach, Best Place to Surf in Banyuwangi

Pulau Merah Beach means spectacular. That’s right. If you are a real travelers, love surfing, crazy to hunt local culinary and want to challenge the adrenaline, here is the best place to visit. The pounding of the wave would be your best friend in Pulau Merah Beach. Watching the surfer who is showing off their skill to conquer the wave is also a common performance as the beach is so popular for surfing.

Even, Pulau Merah Beach becomes a subscription place as International Surfing Competition. That is mean the wave of the beach is admitted and suitable for surfing. The beach is also having picturesque view. Yes, Banyuwangi has a beautiful beach and it must be introduced to the world. Now, if you interested and plan to go there, you surely need to know the location and what other things you can do? Lets find out one by one.
Location of Pulau Merah Beach Banyuwangi
Pulau Merah Beach is situated at Sumberagung Village, Pesanggaran sub-district, 60 km from Banyuwangi City which is can be reached within 3 hours. From Belimbingsari Airport, you can rent a car because only few public transportation will take you there. The access is adequate because there are so many post-sign directing you to Pulau Merah Beach.

However, if you want to take public transportation from Banyuwangi City, you can take a bus Ujang Jaya or Minto Bus to Pesanggaran, precisely at Pesanggaran Market. Next you can take ojek or motorcycle taxi to Pulau Merah Beach. But, if you start it from Jember City, you need to get down at Jajag Terminal and continue the trip by a bus to Pesanggaran. What about the ticket? Well, in a holiday season, there is no entrance ticket, so it is free. But for daily visit, you need to pay IDR2.5k

International Surfing Competition at Pulau Merah Beach
Having a high and constant wave make Pulau Merah Beach becomes favorite spot for surfing. That is why International Surfing Competition attract professional surfers from around the world. They come from Thailand, France, Hungary, Korea, USA, Germany, Swiss, Venezuela  and they will compete in 7 categories.

The length of wave that come from the sea can be 400 meters. That is why international surfers love to come and challenge the adrenaline. And now, the competition becomes an event sport tourism and will be held annually. Moreover, this event becomes a free promotion to invite tourists to explore the other tourist destinations in Banyuwangi.

Surfing Pulau Merah Beach
Actually, the type of wave in Pulau Merah Beach is similar to Kuta Beach in Bali, but a bit bigger. Even, under the wave is sandy and not rocky just like G-Land. That is why this spot is safe for surfing. What make it special is because during April to September, the wave is high but not as extreme as at G-Land.

In Pulau Merah Beach, the wave is supportive for surfers to do any maneuver such as tubing technique because the wave is more serious, plus less of rock at the base of the beach, so that this is safer for surfers. Although the the wave is pretty high, but both professional and amateur can surf at Pulau Merah Beach.

Aside having Pulau Merah Beach, Banyuwangi also have Plengkung Beach that previously known as surfing spot. Plus, Plengkung Beach is popular to G-Land and having higher wave compared by Pulau Merah Beach. As you know, G-Land is more suitable for professional surfer because the Kingkong wave is more challenging. While in surfing Pulau Merah Beach, the beach is slope slightly and suitable for surf school.

Waiting for the sunset at Pulau Merah Beach
The main character of the beach is having white to brown sand with 3 km length seaside. The beach is also surrounded by the hills and under the the hill itself is full of rocks. When the sunset comes, the shine light having orange to red color. The hill is also having red color. As the water is receding, you can go to the hill easily. That is why people name the beach as Pulau Merah or Red Island.

Travelers, don’t think the crowd of the people in Pulau Merah Beach only exist in the morning or daytime. You will surprise to know that even when the day going to dark, the people come more and more to the beach to see dozens of surfers who are trying to conquer the ferocity of wave in Pulau Merah Beach. Moreover, the people interested to wait the sunset at the beach. And for for photographer, the sunset in the beach is one of spectacular spot in Banyuwangi as well.

Other activities at Pulau Merah Beach
Travelers, if you don't have experience of surfing, you can take surf school at Pulau Merah Beach. Don't worry about the equipment because you can rent board surf from IDR25k – IDR50k a day near the beach. But if you want to do something else, you still have some activities there.

For paralayang lover, you can use the hill at the island to take off. The other chance you can try is parasailing. Even, in certain occasion, you also will be invited to release baby turtles to the beach. And because the height of the wave is around 2 – 5 meters and that is why Pulau Merah Beach is not suitable for swimming. So, don’t swim there.

Hunting local culiner at Pulau Merah Beach
After tired of surfing in Pulau Merah Beach, you may feel hungry. There are so many food stalls offers you seafood and coconut water. Besides that, you also will find traditional food from Banyuwangi. The presence of street vendors is also very helpful because when the situation is crowded, they can provide you mineral water.

Then where to stay in Pulau Merah Beach? Don't worry, you can stay overnight at Manyar Hotel, Kalibatu Cottege, Watu Dodol, Ketapang Indah, Berlian Abadi, Ikhtiar Surya, Ijen Resort and Villas, Agung Jaya Mahkota, Margo Utomo Argo Resort, and Margo Utomo Hill View.

How it sounds travelers? Interesting, isn’t it? 

Kintamani Coffee Luwak, Coffee With Fruity Taste

Kintamani coffee luwak has been known as one of tasty coffee in the world. This condition makes tourist from around the world would love to visit one of the best kintamani coffee plantation in Bali. The coffee that is planted in Kintamani is Arabica and it can grow easily. The reason is because the Kintamani coffee farm is close to Batur Mountain. The mountain ever exploded in September 1963 to May 1964. The farming was damage, but after years, the volcanic ashes make the soil becomes the best place to grow Kintamani coffee.

Actually, coffee is one of the main crops in Kintamani. Even, Kintamani coffee is one of the three 3 Indonesian coffees that having Unique Geographical Indication Certification. Or, well known as Geographical Indications. Even, Kintamani coffee becomes more popular and liked at Coffee Festival in The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane London. Now, lets do Kintamani coffee tour!
Visiting Kintamani Coffee Farm
For coffee lover, Kintamani Village in Bali is not a new place again. This area has chilly, fresh air and located at the height 900 – 1.200 meters above sea level. Besides having amazing panorama, there, you can see easily Batur Lake and numbers of objects that you don’t want to miss. 

When you come to Kintamani coffee farm, along the road you can see the stretch of coffee trees. It can be said that Kintamani is full of hills and coffee plantation. You can see it as you pass Tampaksiring to Singaraja. There are around 15.000 hectares of Kintamani coffee plantation. 

The green land with picturesque view often be told as the golden trip by foreign tourist. The enchantment of the nature is so spectacular. The hills, the valleys and the lakes are very easy to find along the trip. If you start the journey from Denpasar, it will take within 2 – 3 hours by a car. 

One of village that focus on producting Kintamani coffee is Suka Sukamaju. There are 150 farmers who plant coffee trees by using inter-cropping system to other plants, like orange, cacao, and vegetables. Because it has inter-cropping with orange, the taste of Kintamani coffee has specific taste. It has a sour taste because there is orange aroma, chocolate and sweet.  

The proccess of making Kintamani coffee Bali
For coffee farmer in Kintamani, coffee is not only about taste but also a tradition that must be kept. The people in Kintamani keep the rule tightly and it has been decreased from generation to the generation so that no single farmer dare to break it. Even arabica bean in Kitamani is processed very well to produce high quality of coffee. 

The irrigation system, named as Subak, has a big role to Kintamani Coffee plantation. The people organize subak system and it gives prosperity to the farmers by adjusting Kintamani coffee prices in the market. Moreover, the irrigation system also order all of the farmer to plant the coffee organically. That is mean there is no chemical vertilizer. The other rule that must be obeyed by farmer is that they must harvest only the red Kintamani coffee bean. This rule has goal to keep the quality of the coffee. 

Kintamani Coffee Luwak
With a wide of land, the Kintamani coffee Bali plantation is really a big farming. This condition make the most popular coffee eater, i.e. luwak or paradoxurus hermaphroditus consider this area as a paradise because they can eat the Kintamani coffee bean easily. There are hundreds of luwak that consider this plantation as their home.  

The Kintamani coffee bean which is eaten by luwak remain intact as coffee bean and it will come out with the feces. The farmer often find those feces in the plantation and gather it. Next, they will wash it until clean. After that is drying coffee been and then they will proccess it as coffee powder. This is what farmer say as kopi luwak liar or wild coffee luwak. The coffee luwak prices per 100 gram is US$35.

Travelers, do you have interest to do Kintamani coffee tour? Don’t doubt to visit Kintamani because you will get so many information about Kintamani coffee luwak, the plantation, the processing, and taste the coffee.

Jomblang Cave, Time To Adore the Light of Heaven on Earth

Jomblang Cave or Luweng Grubeg is worth to visit for an adventurer who love caving and interested to experience something different under the ground. The cave is really special because if you want to come inside, the only entrance you have to pass is a vertical hole. Jomblang Cave itself is a vertical cave and this place is very protected, indeed and not everyone is allowed to enter it.

Jomblang Cave is popular with the name of ‘Light of Heaven’ because this place is the only one cave with the entrance of the light. Don’t doubt to see the beauty of the cave because it has become the byword among the adventurer. Actually, most of the tourists, both local and foreign are interested to observe the character of the cave and the diversity of the flora and fauna inside the cave.
Picture Travel.kompas
Location of Jomblang Cave
Jomblang Cave is located at Jetis Wetan, Panjangrejo Village, Semanu sub-district, Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta. Precisely the location is around 10 km from the big square of Wonosari. If you start the travel from Yogyakarta, you need to drive around 60 km and it can be reached around 1.5 to 2 hours by car or motorcycle.

If you want to take public transportation, you can start it from Giwangan Terminal Bus and take Yogyakarta – Wonosari bus to Simpang Lime Wonosari. You still need to continue the trip by taking small bus to Semanu sub-district. Usually, before exploring Jomblang Cave, the tourist would stay at the Jomblang Resort first and then continue to go.

Lets get down to Jomblang Cave
When you heard about a cave, you may directly imagine you will witness darkness, humid, and quiet place. But, when you come to Jomblang Cave, you will shock seeing Light of Heaven. Yes, true!

Jomblang Cave is a vertical cave which is has collapse doline type. According to the geological processes, the ruins of the land and vegetation dropped into the bottom of the earth thousands years ago. Those ruins created a sinkhole with a diameter around 50 meters.

As a vertical cave, the caver must experiences the thrilling way because you must competent to single rope technique (SRT). You have to use certain equipment, i.e. SRT set which is consist of footloop, carabiner, auto descender, short cowstail, long cowstail, ascender, jammer, chest harness, seat harness, and many more. For the complement, you must have headlamp, boots, and coverall. Before going down to the cliff, you must listen to the instructor how to do it for your safety.

After your wear all of SRT set, you can get down to the base of the cave with a total depth around 80 meters. Actually, there are 3 lanes you can choose. Firstly is VIP with the depth around 15 meters, standard with the depth around 60 meters and extreme with the depth around 80 meters. For the beginner, you can choose VIP and standard. At the standard lane, you will land right in the ancient forest. This forest becomes the eco-tourism in this area.

Landing at the Jomblang Cave
Right at the base of Jomblang Cave, the stretch of horizontal cave is so wide. This is the entrance of the cave. You need to work along the dark path for about 10 minutes to go to Grubug Cave and then you will meet a spectacular phenomenon. At the base of the cave, there are 2 big brownis green stalagmits. If you arrive at the base of the Grubug from 12.00 – 13.00, the view of the sunlight that penetrates the darkness of the cave is so amazing and this what you can call as Light of Heaven.

The cost of exploring Jomblang Cave
Travelers, if you are interested to explore Jomblang Cave, you must know the cost. The cost is IDR450k per person with full facilities and lunch. If you want to stay at Jomblang Resort, you can add IDR350k per person. If you dont plan to stay at the resort and you only want to caving, you have to arrive at 9.30 sharp.

However, if you come with friends (minimal 6 person), they agree to pick you up at Yogyakarta by paying IDR550k per person. The number of tourist to explore is limited, i.e. 25 person per cave tubing and 50 person in the week end. If you still want to challenge the adrenalin there, you can try climbing at Jomblang Wall or caving at Jomblang Cave.

The owner and the instructor of Jomblang Resort said that the first time he managed and organized Jomblang was as eco-tourism because the caves and the environment around this area need to be preserved. The cave is organized as eco-tourism and definitely not a mass-tourism. And since Sewu Mountain area stated by UNESCO as a new member of Global Geopark Network at September 2015, Jomblang Cave is pointed as an icon of world geopark.

Nipah Beach, A Perfect Place to Relax and Taste Local Culinary

Nowadays, Nipah Beach steal the attention of tourist in North Lombok. The beach is suitable as tourist destination for a family. Even, the beach is often to be an alternatif place when Senggigi Beach is crowded. With a complete accomodation and accessible from anywhere, it will be easier to come and enjoy the vacation. 
Location of Nipah Beach
Nipah Beach is located at the north of Maluku Island, precisely at Nipah, Malaka Village, Pemenang sub-district, North Lombok Regency. If you come from Lombok International Airport, you need to drive around 80 km or it takes around 1.5 hours. The access is very good because the local government has been developing Lombok as one of tourist destination in East Indonesia.

Most of tourist would stay in the hotel in Mataram City or directly to stay at Hotel in Senggigi, West Lombok. If you plan to go to Nipah Beach, you are suggested to stay in Senggigi because the distance is closer, which is only 20 minutes. There are many hotels in Senggigi, for backpacker or even star hotels. So, its all about your budget you have. The entrance ticket to Nipah Beach is IDR3k for motorcycle and IDR5k for a car.
Picture Travel.detik
Adoring Nipah Beach
What Nipah Beach offers for you? Well, as you arrive at the beach, you will be welcomed by panorama of beach with the deep blue color of sea and surrounded by greenish hills. At the side of the road, there is a place to relax and enjoy the beauty of the beach. From there, you can see the wave and the boats which are rowing at the edge of the beach freely. The smell of smoke from grilled fishes that sold along the road of Nipah Beach will definitely make you hungry. 
But, wait! You can enjoy it later because now you need to explore and enjoy the beach first. The character of Nipah Beach in North Lombok is clean, calm, having white sand, and comfortable because the location is far from the city. The stretch of the beach is so wide and this is becomes the main of attraction of the beach.

Here, you can do many thing, such as snorkeling, canoing, swimming, playing the water or sand, surrounding the sea by renting a boat from the fishermen, or taking picture alone or with family. If you want to wait the sunset, you can go to the north to Nipah Sunset Point. In the spot, you will witness the great color of sunset at Nipah Beach.

It can be said the the scenery is so amazing. You will feel fresh and natural atmosphere. Moreover, the trees in the beach able to create shady ambience so that you can sit and relax in the beach. If you come in the evening, you can wait till the sunset. The golden color in the sky will reflect at the surface of blue sea to create an amazing mosaic.

Hunting for seafood at Nipah Beach
In a holiday season, Nipah Beach will be flooded by tourist and it will be difficult to get a shady spot. However, you still able to find gazebo which is provided by seafood stalls. Yes, this is one of interesting part while you visit this beach. The situation in the beach will be more crowded as the other sellers come.

After exploring the beach and taking the picture, next you can get a rest and order fried fish or other seafood. The taste of fish still fresh and the other local cuisines ready on the table. Actually the price of seafood is depend to the size and species of fish with the range from IDR20k – IDR80k. A package of fried fish price is around IDR70k and it consists of a grilled seasoning fish, a plate of rice, a plate of grilled eggplant, 2 skewers of squid satay, and a plate of plencing kangkung (vegetable).

Beside fulfilled by local culinary, Nipah Beach is also having an exotic view. Here, you can find the row of coconut tree at the edge of the beach. Moreover, the crystal water will make you want to jump and swim as you come. And the breeze from the sea is really fresh. That is why Nipah Beach is a perfect place for family vacation.

Batu Karas Beach, The Best Spot For Surfing In Pengandaran

Batu Karas Beach is a favorite spot for surfers from around the world. What make it be loved by surfer is because the wave of water is high. That is why Batu Karas often to be recommended as comfortable surfing area for both amateur and professional surfers. Asides that, the beach is closer to Jakarta compared by Nias and Bali which are popular and favorite place for surfers. Are you ready to surf now? Lets go there.

Location of Batu Karas Beach
Batu Karas Beach is situated at Cijulang sub-district, West Java and it can be reached around 8 – 10 hours from Jakarta. The location of Batu Karas Beach is close to Pengandaran Beach which is can be reached around 45 minutes and also close to Green Canyon (Cukang Taneuh) Ciamis. To reach Batu Karas Beach, you only need to direct your vehicles to Pengandaran because both beaches are quite close. After arrive at Pengandaran, go directly to Cijulang and there you will find so many signposts to take you to Batu Karas beach.

The distance between Pengandaran and Batu Karas is about 40 km and you can arrive there around an hour. If you decide to take public transportation, you can take a bus to Pengandaran. From Pengandaran Terminal, continue it by taking minibus to Cijulang. Next, you have to rent taxi motorcycle or ojek to Batu Karas by paying around IDR30k.
Picture Xtremespots
Time to surf at Batu Karas Beach
As you arrive there, you may meet professional surfers showing off their action to conquer the big wave. What make the beach becomes the paradise for surfers? The reason is because you can challenge the scroll of wave and surf with high quality of wave. Because the beauty of wave, lot of people consider Batu Karas Beach as a small Bali in West Java. The stretch of black sand and the unstoppable of wave would break the rocks. Those are a special characteristic of the beach that make people love to visit.

Both local and international surfers admit that the wave in Batu Karas Beach is truly amazing and suitable for a great surfing. For surfer, Batu Karas Beach is so familiar. Not only having more flat contour compared by other beaches in that area, but there is a small bay there. That is mean surfers will not be bothered by pedaled from the start point of wave.
Picture Mypengandaran

Actually, there are many spot for surfing. For a beginner, you can try Legok Pari where the location is in front of Java Cove Hotel . This is the most popular spot for an amateur because the wave is not too high and it will be safer to learn how to surf. If you don't bring any equipment, you don’t have to worry because you can rent surfing equipment at Batu Karas Beach. Even, you can hire an instructor you teach you how to surf.

For a professional surfer, you can try Bulak Pendak because this is favorite spot in Batu Karas. The current of waves creating a long wall and high wave. However, you have to rent a boat to go this spot by paying IDR200k.

Other activities at Batu Karas Beach
Beside popular for surfing, you also can do other activities here, such as swimming and fishing. There is one spot for recommendation to fish. You can walk to Batu Payung where located at the west of the beach. To go there, you need to rent a boat around the beach.

If you aren’t interested to do both, you still have something to do, like water sport, jetski, surrounding the beach by horse-drawn carriage, and banana boat to raise your adrenalin. If you like camping and hiking, you can ask help to local resident to take you to Karang Nunggal beach. This is an isolated beach with picturesque scenic view and having high rocks.

Accomodation at Batu Karas Beach
Actually, the region of Batu Karas is relatively quiter, natural, and more scenic compared by Pengandaran Beach. This place can be an alternative place for a newlywed to spend the honeymoon with tranquility ambience. Besides that, the atmosphere is suitable for you who want to spend the time in a quiet place while enjoying the beach and nature.
Picture Thetravelearn
There are many hotel near Batu Karas Beach with affordable prices. If you want to stay longer and want to learn how to surf at Batu Karas Beach, you can stay in Sunrise Resort, Hotel Hi & Low, and Java Cove Beach.

If you love seafood cuisine, Batu Karas is a perfect place and worth to visit as well because most of local residents are fisherman and it will be easier for you to find fresh fishes, crabs, and squids. Thus, after tired exploring and surfing at Batu Karas Beach, you can drop by to taste seafood at the food stalls.

Tips to learn surfing for beginner at Batu Karas Beach
1.      As you arrive, you are suggested to look a local instructor. He will teach you how to surf and explaining the basic surfing.
2.      The broken waves at the front is the first point, tend to be quicker and known as serious wave because this is exist at the shallow and rocky area. You aren’t suggested to surf at the first point because it is dangerous for you and other surfers.
3.      Next, you can move over to the back. The wave is quicker, softer and not dangerous at the second point and ect. If you are still confuse about first and second point, do not hesitate to ask to the instructor.

4.      Do not block other surfer’s way and watch out the line up of surfboard because it is easier to guess the line up of wave in Batu Karas Beach. 

Sekumpul Waterfall, A Hidden Waterfall In North Bali

Visiting Sekumpul Waterfall occupy the first list for those people who love nature, trekking, and adventure. As a hidden waterfall, you have to struggle when you visit it. But no worries. Along the treking, you will see the pictureque scenery with natural panorama. Actually, the main attraction of Sekumpul Waterfall is the existence of more than one waterfall in the same place. That is why some people consider Sekumpul Waterfall as the most beautiful waterfall in Bali and this is really interesting.

What is Sekumpul Waterfall
According to the name, Sekumpul Waterfall has 7 series of waterfalls and local people name it as Pemuatan Waterfall. Among 7 waterfalls, there are only 2 waterfalls that have close distance from the main road. Beside the rest of the waterfalls are a bit far and you have to do extra effort to reach it.

The seven waterfall is separated and a bit far. Each waterfall has different shape and height. That is why foreign people name it as Seven Points Waterfall. Those waterfalls are surrounded by green tree which is very eye catchy and make the area around the waterfall shady.

When the rainy season comes, both waterfalls have different color. In the left side, the water is clean because the water comes from the water springs which is located at the peak of the hill, Sekumpul Village. But, the waterfall at the right side has brown color and muddy because the source of water comes from the river in the village. For this reason, you are suggested to wear short and sandal to make you comfortable.
Picture Liburanbali,net
Location of Sekumpul Waterfall
Sekumpul Waterfall is situated at Sekumpul Village, Sawan sub-district, Buleleng Regency, North Bali. The location is around 20 km from Singaraja City (it takes around 1 hour), 76 km from Denpasar which is can be reach around 2.5 hours and 3 hours from Kuta. Because of the location is far, you are suggested to drive a motorcycle or rent a car with a driver. 

If you want to visit Sekumpul Waterfall and trekking, you can go there in the morning. The perfect time is around 07.00 – 08.00. You may curious to know why you have to go there so early. The reason is because the opportunity to get rain in the morning is lower than evening. If you are unlucky and meet the rain, the access will be slippery and you have to be more careful. Now you can estimate at what time you have to start your journey from Denpasar or Singaraja City.

However, you don’t want to get up so early in the morning, you can stay overnight at Hotel Omunity Sujadi Bali. Then, you can start trekking to Sekumpul Waterfall from there in the next day. If you start you travel from Omunity Hotel, you have to prepare a motorcycle first. The distance is around 4 km. The access to the waterfall is steep and serpentine. Before you start trekking, you have to go down through the stairs and pay for the entrance ticket IDR2k for local and IDR5k for foreign.

Journey to Sekumpul Waterfall
To come closer to the waterfall, you must have a good stamina because you need to walk through the footpath for about 300 meters, descending hundred of steep stairs and crossing the river with the depth around 0.5 meter. However, the rural atmosphere, activities of the farmer, paddy terrace, greenish hill, resident houses with traditional shape, durian and rambutan tree will accompany you.

The journey of trekking really exhausthing but it is worth because you will see the twin waterfall with the height around 100 meters. The pounding of water from Sekumpul Waterfall can be heard from the distance around 80 meter and the sprinkle of water create quiet atmosphere. Suddenly, you will fall in love and want to explore this area.

Actually, there are many things you can do at Sekumpul Waterfall. But, mostly people who come here doing hunt the picturesque scenic view, playing with water, and adore the beauty of water. Even, some people come to the waterfall for prewedding photo session with the background of waterfall. With natural scenery, it will create an amazing picture for a big day in life. If you aren’t plan to do that, you can explore the waterfall and taking picture with your friends and selfi there.

Papa Theo Island, A Perfect Spot to Dive and Camping

Papa Theo Island is one of paradise for a diver. According to professional divers, the island has series of diving spots that have to be visited for those people who want to explore and get acquainted with an exotic underwater’s view. If you curious to know more about Papa Theo Island, lets go there now. 

Location of Papa Theo Island
Administratively, Papa Theo Island is located at Seribu Island Jakarta and its place so close to Petondan Besar Island, Kelor Island, and Kelapa Island. The good news is that the island is easy to be reached. You can rent a speedboat from Marina Ancol Beach and it takes around 1.5 hours.

Besides that, you also can reach Papa Theo through Mutiara Beach for about 40 – 50 minutes. However, if you want to enjoy the trip, you can take long boat from Muara Angke or Ancol/Marina and it will take around 3 – 3.5 hours. But, no worries because you will never bore to enjoy the wave of water and how big is the sea. 
Picture koplakconcept.blogspot
Its time to dive at Papa Theo Island
Approaching Papa Theo Island, you can see a long pier from the distance. The pier is used as parking area for the speedboat or long boat. Actually, Papa Theo Island is refer to Petondan Kecil Island which is has unique spots because under the water, there is diving spot of shipwreck that has 100 meter length.

Because of the diving spot you are going to explore is a shipwreck, you are suggested to bring a torch because this area is tend to dark. Off course you don’t want to get crash with the ruin of ship, do you? In addition, it must be interesting to explore a challenging diving spot here. 

As you dive at Papa Theo Island, you will meet beautiful coral and reef. It is really an amazing panorama. There are many species of fishes, such as pinnate bat-fish, grouper, nemo, and boxfish. Perhaps, the presence of ruins of shipwreck invites the fishes and make it as their home while looking for food.

In a holiday season, the area of Papa Theo Island will be flooded by divers from around the world. Thus, for tourist who love water activities, this is the right place to spend the time. After doing the activities here, you can spend the night at the resort near Papa Theo Island, Putri Island, or Sepa Island. If you still curious about this place, you can try other diving spot, such as Karang Congkang which is full of healthy reef and coral.

Camping at Papa Theo Island
After satisfied exploring underwater of Papa Theo Island at Seribu Islands, you can continue your adventure by camping. You can reserve the place to the island keeper. This is a great way to spend the time around the island. Spending the night by making a tent near the beach becomes what tourists desired. You will be accompanied by the sound of wave and the stretch of white sand. You can witness the sunset and the sunrise as you stay there while sipping a cup of coffee or tea. 

Pombo Island, An Isolated Island with Spectacular Underwater View

Travelers, are you in need to escape from the routine and want to feel free in an isolated island? Pombo Island Maluku is the answer. Yes, right. If you want to go to the quiet place, natural scenery, and want to swim in the clear water, you have to go to this island. Pombo Island itself is uninhabited island in Ambon that have been attract travelers who love underwater activities. 

You may know very well that Lombok and Bali are the most tourist destination you desired to visit but you will never regret to come to Pombo Island. This is the right place to relax you mind and your body. Now you curious? Lets find out what Pombo Island offers to you.
Picture Infotravelkita
Location of Pombo Island
Before you enjoy Pombo Island, you definitely need to know the location of this island. Pombo Island is situated at Salahhutu sub-district, Central Maluku Regency. Geographically, it located between Ambon Island and Haruku Island. It needs only 20 minutes from Ambon City to reach this isolated island. 

To reach the island, you need to rent a speedboat from Tulehu with the price around IDR500k. Along the trip, you will see that the island is look like floating alone. The stretch of white sand surround the island is truly make you adore it. Moreover, the gradation of greenish blue color around this place creates an exotic ambience. Its really stunning!

Actually, the size of Pombo Island is quite small, but it doesn’t mean you cannot do anything here. With the size of 4 km2, thisi sland is believed as an ideal place for relaxation. Close from Ambon Island and accessible easily by boat. In this isolate island, you will have wide yard, i.e a big ocean. How it sounds?

One thing you need to know about Pombo Island is that there is no informative direction or other facilities, yet. But, although this is an untouchable island, you can meet pombo’s birds that only exist in Maluku Islands. So, this is become a memorable experience when you visit Pombo Island.

Enjoy Pombo Island
The beauty of Pombo Island is really adorable, especially when the water is receding. The new land that previously is a shallow water, then it can be seen slowly and changing into a new land with the white sand. To explore the island, you are suggested to wear sandals because the land full of sharp coral. 

When you observe it carefully, the island is surrounded by big and small rock with crystal water. There are many species of fishes, coral, and seaweed in underwater of Pombo Island. And you know what? Most of travelers who visiting this island will directly jumping into the water to feel the freshness of water. When you are there, you can snorkel or dive freely.

Some people say that Pombo Island having the best diving and snorkeling spot in Maluku. That is why so many tourist, both local and international come here to prove the beauty of underwater with colorful fishes and coral. You don’t believe it? Come and prove it!

Exploring Tambi Tea Farming, Wonosobo Central Java

Tambi Tea Farming is one of natural tourist destination in Central Java. The farming is stretching along 830 hectares with a low temperature around 15 degree C and it will make you able to enjoy natural beauty for hours. The stretch of tea farming with green scenery will make you feel great since you stepping at the farming of Tambi.

Location of Tambi Tea Farming
The farming is located at Tambi Village, Kejajar sub-districk, Wonosobo Regency, Central Java. This place can be reached around 20 minutes from Dieng Plateu. Even though Tea Tambi Farming is located at the middle of village, but the it is accessible. The easy way to visit Tambi Tea Farming is by car from Wonosobo which is taken around 16 km. 

Actually, public transportation is also available. You can take a bus Wonosobo – Dieng and you have to turn down at Tambi Village. Next you have to continue your journey by on foot around 200 meters from the main road. Although you have to struggle to pass along 16 km from Wonosobo to Tambi Tea Farming, you will never feel bore because you can enjoy the beauty of nature during your trip. The green scenery is look like amazing carpet that will refresh your eyes. 
Picture Tribunnews
Explore Tambi Tea Farming
As you approach the tea farming, the fresh atmosphere will welcome you and it will make you want to stay longer. Not only to record the beautiful farming, but to explore it as well. If you like selfi, you can walk among the tea tree. The background of green scenery really make you feel good. 

If you arrive at Tambi Tea Farming in the morning, you will have chance to see the worker picking the tea leaves. Most of them are female and they look so professional using a big scissor and they work from 06.00 – 12.00. If the condition is good, they able to harvest around 50 kg of tea leaves a day.

This farming is divided into 3 parts, i.e. Tanjung, Pedagah, and Tambi itself. The entire of farming is around 830 hectares. Tambi Tea Farming is located at the highest places with 1.400 m to 2.100 m above sea level. That is why the atmosphere in this spot is so fresh and chilly.

The owner of Tambi Tea Farming provide many package for those people who want to explore the farming, from standard (IDR27.500 per person) to exclusive (IDR55.000 per person). For standard package, you will have chance to explore the farming, visiting the factory and enjoy the tea. If you choose exclusive package, you have the same experience just like standard package, plus you will have chance for banquet.

Harvesting tea at Tambi Tea Farming
What makes Tambi Tea Farming interesting for visitors is because you will have chance to harvest the tea. Yes, the farming provide you the hat and basket. If you have no experiences, no worries because the guide will accompany you and will explain how to harvest the tip of leaf. Very interesting, isn’t it? So, it will be the first experience to harvest tea and that happen in Tambi Tea Farming in Wonosobo.

After satisfied picking the tea, next you can go to the factory to see how to process the tea. In this place, you will see the tip of leaves will be poured into a big container with length 1m x 20m and able to accommodate 1 ton of tea leaves. 

The drying process in this place will be continued by entering it into a hole that have direct connection to hulling machine. The result of hulling process will separated according to the quality. The tea from Tambi itself has been exported to many countries, such as USA, Japan, India, Middle East, and Russia.

Travelers, if you want to stay longer at Tambi Tea Farming, you can stay in the homestay. There are 22 rooms that able to accommodate 150 people. Happy traveling!

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