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6 Things to do in Misool Island Raja Ampat, Papua

Misool Island Raja Ampat is a paradise for divers from all around the globe. With the diversity of underwater animals, Misool Island Indonesia also get the name ‘Amazon of the Sea’. Well actually, it is not surprising because once you dive or snorkel there, you will find an extraordinary panorama and dont want to come out from the water. Now, lets find out what things to do in Misool Island Indonesia.

1.      Diving at Misool Island
The most activities you can do at Misool Island Indonesia is snorkeling and diving. You will definitely want to feel the freshness of water as you arrive here. Misool Indonesia itself has several diving spots you can explore. One of them is coral reef that look like a round window. Usually, the divers will play around the window, come and out while diving.

If you are lucky, you will have opportunity to meet manta rays flying freely around you. The other diving spot you have to try at Misool Island Raja Ampat is Kaleidoskop. In this area, you will witnes both panorama of surface and underwater are spectacular. There are also napoleon fish and manta ray swimming freely in this pot.
Beside having gigantic underwater, you also can find other interesting spot in Misool Island Indonesia, i.e. underwater cave. You need to dive until 35 meters depth with a torch to explore Forondi Cave. In this cave, you will feel the sensation of diving in a dark zone and the torch you bring is the only one tool to guide you and ease you to see the marine life.

Next, you also can try to explore Wabal Cave at Misool Island Raja Ampat. The entry point to this spot is quite narrow, i.e. only 1 meter with 9 meters depth and 15 meters length. Wabal Cave is more friendly for those people who phobia to the darkness and depth.

2.      Visiting Keramat Cave
There are many places you can explore at Misool Island Indonesia, such as visiting Keramat Cave. There, you can  see the ancient painting on the rock’s wall at Sumbayo and Sumalelen. Next, you can swim and snorkel at Yapap or other snorkeling spot at Banos Island. To visit the cave, you have to take a boat.

3.      Visiting Yapap    
The next trip is Yapap. Some people call this spot as a pieces of heaven. You will directly agree and fall in love to this place. The reason is because Yapap is the area with the formation of rocks and islands with many shapes. When you explore with a boat, you need to go to the higher deck with the view 3600. When you see it carefully, it seems the rocks come out from the sea and this is a spectacular panorama you ever been meet in your life.

Travelers, if during this time you dream having a large swimming pool with natural scenery, Yapap is what you are looking for. Having clean and shallow water, surrounded by green trees, white sand in the seabed, no current water, and turquoise color of area make you want to spend the time longer.

4.      Lenmakana Lake with jellyfish
Most of people avoid a lake or beach that full of jellyfish that can sting. But you wont do this when you visit Misool Island Raja Ampat because the island has 5 lakes with jellyfish and they are friendly to you. However, only two lakes are accessible for tourists now, and one of them is Lenmakana Lake.

Although there is no stairs to help you come down to the jellyfish lake, but you can get alternative way. You can climb the rocks to achieve the lakeside. And your struggle is worthed. Swimming at Lenmakana Lake with hundreds of jellyfish that wont sting you and it seems like you are in different dimension. When the jellyfish swim under water, they are so cute and when you touch it, it creates great sensation.

5.      Exploring cone stones in Misool Island
While you exploring Misool Island, the prominent view you will find out are cone stones. Yes, cone stones are one of attraction in this island. The size is very big with a perfect shapes. It seems someone sculpted it with all of the heart and display it in a strategic spot. The cone stones appears from the sea among islands in Raja Ampat. The height of cone stones can reach tens meter among white sand and shallow water.

6.      Visiting sharks in Misool Island Raja Ampat

Jaam Island in Misool has to be one place you have to visit as well because this is the right place to meet sharks. So, if you cant dive and want to enjoy Misool Island from above, Jaam Island is the right choice. Actually, the island itself is the place to hunt sharks because this is the feeding place for them. Moreover, the white sand, coconut trees, and turquoise color of water become your friend in Jaam Island.
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