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Batu Karas Beach, The Best Spot For Surfing In Pengandaran

Batu Karas Beach is a favorite spot for surfers from around the world. What make it be loved by surfer is because the wave of water is high. That is why Batu Karas often to be recommended as comfortable surfing area for both amateur and professional surfers. Asides that, the beach is closer to Jakarta compared by Nias and Bali which are popular and favorite place for surfers. Are you ready to surf now? Lets go there.

Location of Batu Karas Beach
Batu Karas Beach is situated at Cijulang sub-district, West Java and it can be reached around 8 – 10 hours from Jakarta. The location of Batu Karas Beach is close to Pengandaran Beach which is can be reached around 45 minutes and also close to Green Canyon (Cukang Taneuh) Ciamis. To reach Batu Karas Beach, you only need to direct your vehicles to Pengandaran because both beaches are quite close. After arrive at Pengandaran, go directly to Cijulang and there you will find so many signposts to take you to Batu Karas beach.

The distance between Pengandaran and Batu Karas is about 40 km and you can arrive there around an hour. If you decide to take public transportation, you can take a bus to Pengandaran. From Pengandaran Terminal, continue it by taking minibus to Cijulang. Next, you have to rent taxi motorcycle or ojek to Batu Karas by paying around IDR30k.
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Time to surf at Batu Karas Beach
As you arrive there, you may meet professional surfers showing off their action to conquer the big wave. What make the beach becomes the paradise for surfers? The reason is because you can challenge the scroll of wave and surf with high quality of wave. Because the beauty of wave, lot of people consider Batu Karas Beach as a small Bali in West Java. The stretch of black sand and the unstoppable of wave would break the rocks. Those are a special characteristic of the beach that make people love to visit.

Both local and international surfers admit that the wave in Batu Karas Beach is truly amazing and suitable for a great surfing. For surfer, Batu Karas Beach is so familiar. Not only having more flat contour compared by other beaches in that area, but there is a small bay there. That is mean surfers will not be bothered by pedaled from the start point of wave.
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Actually, there are many spot for surfing. For a beginner, you can try Legok Pari where the location is in front of Java Cove Hotel . This is the most popular spot for an amateur because the wave is not too high and it will be safer to learn how to surf. If you don't bring any equipment, you don’t have to worry because you can rent surfing equipment at Batu Karas Beach. Even, you can hire an instructor you teach you how to surf.

For a professional surfer, you can try Bulak Pendak because this is favorite spot in Batu Karas. The current of waves creating a long wall and high wave. However, you have to rent a boat to go this spot by paying IDR200k.

Other activities at Batu Karas Beach
Beside popular for surfing, you also can do other activities here, such as swimming and fishing. There is one spot for recommendation to fish. You can walk to Batu Payung where located at the west of the beach. To go there, you need to rent a boat around the beach.

If you aren’t interested to do both, you still have something to do, like water sport, jetski, surrounding the beach by horse-drawn carriage, and banana boat to raise your adrenalin. If you like camping and hiking, you can ask help to local resident to take you to Karang Nunggal beach. This is an isolated beach with picturesque scenic view and having high rocks.

Accomodation at Batu Karas Beach
Actually, the region of Batu Karas is relatively quiter, natural, and more scenic compared by Pengandaran Beach. This place can be an alternative place for a newlywed to spend the honeymoon with tranquility ambience. Besides that, the atmosphere is suitable for you who want to spend the time in a quiet place while enjoying the beach and nature.
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There are many hotel near Batu Karas Beach with affordable prices. If you want to stay longer and want to learn how to surf at Batu Karas Beach, you can stay in Sunrise Resort, Hotel Hi & Low, and Java Cove Beach.

If you love seafood cuisine, Batu Karas is a perfect place and worth to visit as well because most of local residents are fisherman and it will be easier for you to find fresh fishes, crabs, and squids. Thus, after tired exploring and surfing at Batu Karas Beach, you can drop by to taste seafood at the food stalls.

Tips to learn surfing for beginner at Batu Karas Beach
1.      As you arrive, you are suggested to look a local instructor. He will teach you how to surf and explaining the basic surfing.
2.      The broken waves at the front is the first point, tend to be quicker and known as serious wave because this is exist at the shallow and rocky area. You aren’t suggested to surf at the first point because it is dangerous for you and other surfers.
3.      Next, you can move over to the back. The wave is quicker, softer and not dangerous at the second point and ect. If you are still confuse about first and second point, do not hesitate to ask to the instructor.

4.      Do not block other surfer’s way and watch out the line up of surfboard because it is easier to guess the line up of wave in Batu Karas Beach. 
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