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Misool Eco Resort, Exploring a Small Paradise at Raja Ampat

Misool Island is look like a small paradise with beautiful beaches and enchanting marine park. As an archipelago, Raja Ampat Indonesia has dozen of island you could visit and at the north of Raja Ampat, you can go to Misool Island which is has direct boarder to Seram Sea. Misool itself is one of biggest island in Raja Ampat. The stretch of cliffs and rocks lining from west to east. 

Misool Island Indonesia is a creation of masterpiece and even you cant express it with the sweetest words. If this is about man’s creation, Misool is the best because from the high, you will see the most incredible seascape on earth. Although the sunset in Misool Island is not the best place in Indonesia, but the beautiful islands with white sands, turquoise color, and formation of rocks are amazing. 
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Transportation from Jakarta to Sorong
Travelers, to reach Misool Island, you can go to Domne Eduard Osok Airport at Sorong. If you start your journey from Jakarta, you can take a flight Jakarta – Sorong and transit via Makassar (IDR4,000k round trip). As you arrive at Sorong, you have to catch a speedboat to cross to Misool for about 4 – 5 hours. 

Before you enter to Raja Ampat archipelago, you need to pay entrance ticket at Raja Ampat Tourism Center, for local is IDR500k and foreign is IDR1,000k. The office will give you a pin and identity card as the evidence of payment. Next, you can stay at a homestay at Harapan Jaya Island by paying USD34 – USD43 per person per day. Then you can take a speedboat to Harfat Jaya Dapunlol Hill to enjoy the stretch of karst islands.

To rent a speedboat in Misool is expensive, i.e. around IDR6,000k per 5 days. If you want to run budget trip, you can go there with a group or join travel agent like Wisata Raja Ampat that provide Misool Trip by paying around IDR6,000k included flight tickets. 

Misool Eco Resort Raja Ampat
Misool is a pieces of paradise on earth because you will open your eyes widely and amaze the island. One of place you can choose to stay longer in Raja Ampat is Misool Eco Resort. This resort offers you complete facilities with incredible view. Alhough the Misool Eco Resort prices is expensive but it doesnt make travelers avoid to stay there. 

Here, you have to pay around IDR6,000k per day. For backpacker, this is expensive and they prefer to choose homestay. Dont be surprise knowing Misool Eco Resort prices because the resort is nominated as one of the best resort in the world by CNN. Besides that, there are other resort in Misool with competitive prices. 

Explore Misool Island
Misool is popular for incredible panorama, especially the marine life. One of spot you can try as you come to Misool Island is Magic Mountain. There, you will have chance to swim together with manta rays under 6 meters depth. Thats can be unforgettable moment, especially for one who just already meet manta rays for the first time. 

In Magic Mountain spot, you dont need to dive too deeper to get spectacular underwater view because within 5 – 10 meters, you can meet colorful fishes. The clear and crystal water enable you to see the marine life even when you still on boat. The visibility of the water is around 25 meters and it means you will have opportunity to see gigantic view.

At Misool Island, you also can see turquoise water that will refresh your eyes, even before you jump into the sea. The clear water will enable you to see the seabed as a silhouette of paradise. The picturesque view of the sea with white sands along the seashore look so amazing. The beach is also surrounded by tropical forest and green mangrove.

Misool Island Indonesia has 3 hills. The three hills can be reached by climbing and from the height, the view will be wider and it will ease you to see the group of karst islands. Those islands are Motnikale, Harfat, and Dapunlol Hill. If you never been climbing, you are recommended to try Dafalen Hill because the height is only 60 meters.

If you want to get unforgettable moment and practical, you can take Misool Island Raja Ampat package and stay at Eco Resort start from IDR15.000k, including ticket and stay at Eco Resort. You will experience and visit incredible places as well. The beauty of the island is cannot be expressed by words because only your heart can feel it. Although Misool Island Raja Ampat package offered by travel agents can be different, but you will not mind because each packages has their own offering.

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