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Nipah Beach, A Perfect Place to Relax and Taste Local Culinary

Nowadays, Nipah Beach steal the attention of tourist in North Lombok. The beach is suitable as tourist destination for a family. Even, the beach is often to be an alternatif place when Senggigi Beach is crowded. With a complete accomodation and accessible from anywhere, it will be easier to come and enjoy the vacation. 
Location of Nipah Beach
Nipah Beach is located at the north of Maluku Island, precisely at Nipah, Malaka Village, Pemenang sub-district, North Lombok Regency. If you come from Lombok International Airport, you need to drive around 80 km or it takes around 1.5 hours. The access is very good because the local government has been developing Lombok as one of tourist destination in East Indonesia.

Most of tourist would stay in the hotel in Mataram City or directly to stay at Hotel in Senggigi, West Lombok. If you plan to go to Nipah Beach, you are suggested to stay in Senggigi because the distance is closer, which is only 20 minutes. There are many hotels in Senggigi, for backpacker or even star hotels. So, its all about your budget you have. The entrance ticket to Nipah Beach is IDR3k for motorcycle and IDR5k for a car.
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Adoring Nipah Beach
What Nipah Beach offers for you? Well, as you arrive at the beach, you will be welcomed by panorama of beach with the deep blue color of sea and surrounded by greenish hills. At the side of the road, there is a place to relax and enjoy the beauty of the beach. From there, you can see the wave and the boats which are rowing at the edge of the beach freely. The smell of smoke from grilled fishes that sold along the road of Nipah Beach will definitely make you hungry. 
But, wait! You can enjoy it later because now you need to explore and enjoy the beach first. The character of Nipah Beach in North Lombok is clean, calm, having white sand, and comfortable because the location is far from the city. The stretch of the beach is so wide and this is becomes the main of attraction of the beach.

Here, you can do many thing, such as snorkeling, canoing, swimming, playing the water or sand, surrounding the sea by renting a boat from the fishermen, or taking picture alone or with family. If you want to wait the sunset, you can go to the north to Nipah Sunset Point. In the spot, you will witness the great color of sunset at Nipah Beach.

It can be said the the scenery is so amazing. You will feel fresh and natural atmosphere. Moreover, the trees in the beach able to create shady ambience so that you can sit and relax in the beach. If you come in the evening, you can wait till the sunset. The golden color in the sky will reflect at the surface of blue sea to create an amazing mosaic.

Hunting for seafood at Nipah Beach
In a holiday season, Nipah Beach will be flooded by tourist and it will be difficult to get a shady spot. However, you still able to find gazebo which is provided by seafood stalls. Yes, this is one of interesting part while you visit this beach. The situation in the beach will be more crowded as the other sellers come.

After exploring the beach and taking the picture, next you can get a rest and order fried fish or other seafood. The taste of fish still fresh and the other local cuisines ready on the table. Actually the price of seafood is depend to the size and species of fish with the range from IDR20k – IDR80k. A package of fried fish price is around IDR70k and it consists of a grilled seasoning fish, a plate of rice, a plate of grilled eggplant, 2 skewers of squid satay, and a plate of plencing kangkung (vegetable).

Beside fulfilled by local culinary, Nipah Beach is also having an exotic view. Here, you can find the row of coconut tree at the edge of the beach. Moreover, the crystal water will make you want to jump and swim as you come. And the breeze from the sea is really fresh. That is why Nipah Beach is a perfect place for family vacation.

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