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Papa Theo Island, A Perfect Spot to Dive and Camping

Papa Theo Island is one of paradise for a diver. According to professional divers, the island has series of diving spots that have to be visited for those people who want to explore and get acquainted with an exotic underwater’s view. If you curious to know more about Papa Theo Island, lets go there now. 

Location of Papa Theo Island
Administratively, Papa Theo Island is located at Seribu Island Jakarta and its place so close to Petondan Besar Island, Kelor Island, and Kelapa Island. The good news is that the island is easy to be reached. You can rent a speedboat from Marina Ancol Beach and it takes around 1.5 hours.

Besides that, you also can reach Papa Theo through Mutiara Beach for about 40 – 50 minutes. However, if you want to enjoy the trip, you can take long boat from Muara Angke or Ancol/Marina and it will take around 3 – 3.5 hours. But, no worries because you will never bore to enjoy the wave of water and how big is the sea. 
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Its time to dive at Papa Theo Island
Approaching Papa Theo Island, you can see a long pier from the distance. The pier is used as parking area for the speedboat or long boat. Actually, Papa Theo Island is refer to Petondan Kecil Island which is has unique spots because under the water, there is diving spot of shipwreck that has 100 meter length.

Because of the diving spot you are going to explore is a shipwreck, you are suggested to bring a torch because this area is tend to dark. Off course you don’t want to get crash with the ruin of ship, do you? In addition, it must be interesting to explore a challenging diving spot here. 

As you dive at Papa Theo Island, you will meet beautiful coral and reef. It is really an amazing panorama. There are many species of fishes, such as pinnate bat-fish, grouper, nemo, and boxfish. Perhaps, the presence of ruins of shipwreck invites the fishes and make it as their home while looking for food.

In a holiday season, the area of Papa Theo Island will be flooded by divers from around the world. Thus, for tourist who love water activities, this is the right place to spend the time. After doing the activities here, you can spend the night at the resort near Papa Theo Island, Putri Island, or Sepa Island. If you still curious about this place, you can try other diving spot, such as Karang Congkang which is full of healthy reef and coral.

Camping at Papa Theo Island
After satisfied exploring underwater of Papa Theo Island at Seribu Islands, you can continue your adventure by camping. You can reserve the place to the island keeper. This is a great way to spend the time around the island. Spending the night by making a tent near the beach becomes what tourists desired. You will be accompanied by the sound of wave and the stretch of white sand. You can witness the sunset and the sunrise as you stay there while sipping a cup of coffee or tea. 

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