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Pombo Island, An Isolated Island with Spectacular Underwater View

Travelers, are you in need to escape from the routine and want to feel free in an isolated island? Pombo Island Maluku is the answer. Yes, right. If you want to go to the quiet place, natural scenery, and want to swim in the clear water, you have to go to this island. Pombo Island itself is uninhabited island in Ambon that have been attract travelers who love underwater activities. 

You may know very well that Lombok and Bali are the most tourist destination you desired to visit but you will never regret to come to Pombo Island. This is the right place to relax you mind and your body. Now you curious? Lets find out what Pombo Island offers to you.
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Location of Pombo Island
Before you enjoy Pombo Island, you definitely need to know the location of this island. Pombo Island is situated at Salahhutu sub-district, Central Maluku Regency. Geographically, it located between Ambon Island and Haruku Island. It needs only 20 minutes from Ambon City to reach this isolated island. 

To reach the island, you need to rent a speedboat from Tulehu with the price around IDR500k. Along the trip, you will see that the island is look like floating alone. The stretch of white sand surround the island is truly make you adore it. Moreover, the gradation of greenish blue color around this place creates an exotic ambience. Its really stunning!

Actually, the size of Pombo Island is quite small, but it doesn’t mean you cannot do anything here. With the size of 4 km2, thisi sland is believed as an ideal place for relaxation. Close from Ambon Island and accessible easily by boat. In this isolate island, you will have wide yard, i.e a big ocean. How it sounds?

One thing you need to know about Pombo Island is that there is no informative direction or other facilities, yet. But, although this is an untouchable island, you can meet pombo’s birds that only exist in Maluku Islands. So, this is become a memorable experience when you visit Pombo Island.

Enjoy Pombo Island
The beauty of Pombo Island is really adorable, especially when the water is receding. The new land that previously is a shallow water, then it can be seen slowly and changing into a new land with the white sand. To explore the island, you are suggested to wear sandals because the land full of sharp coral. 

When you observe it carefully, the island is surrounded by big and small rock with crystal water. There are many species of fishes, coral, and seaweed in underwater of Pombo Island. And you know what? Most of travelers who visiting this island will directly jumping into the water to feel the freshness of water. When you are there, you can snorkel or dive freely.

Some people say that Pombo Island having the best diving and snorkeling spot in Maluku. That is why so many tourist, both local and international come here to prove the beauty of underwater with colorful fishes and coral. You don’t believe it? Come and prove it!

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