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Sekumpul Waterfall, A Hidden Waterfall In North Bali

Visiting Sekumpul Waterfall occupy the first list for those people who love nature, trekking, and adventure. As a hidden waterfall, you have to struggle when you visit it. But no worries. Along the treking, you will see the pictureque scenery with natural panorama. Actually, the main attraction of Sekumpul Waterfall is the existence of more than one waterfall in the same place. That is why some people consider Sekumpul Waterfall as the most beautiful waterfall in Bali and this is really interesting.

What is Sekumpul Waterfall
According to the name, Sekumpul Waterfall has 7 series of waterfalls and local people name it as Pemuatan Waterfall. Among 7 waterfalls, there are only 2 waterfalls that have close distance from the main road. Beside the rest of the waterfalls are a bit far and you have to do extra effort to reach it.

The seven waterfall is separated and a bit far. Each waterfall has different shape and height. That is why foreign people name it as Seven Points Waterfall. Those waterfalls are surrounded by green tree which is very eye catchy and make the area around the waterfall shady.

When the rainy season comes, both waterfalls have different color. In the left side, the water is clean because the water comes from the water springs which is located at the peak of the hill, Sekumpul Village. But, the waterfall at the right side has brown color and muddy because the source of water comes from the river in the village. For this reason, you are suggested to wear short and sandal to make you comfortable.
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Location of Sekumpul Waterfall
Sekumpul Waterfall is situated at Sekumpul Village, Sawan sub-district, Buleleng Regency, North Bali. The location is around 20 km from Singaraja City (it takes around 1 hour), 76 km from Denpasar which is can be reach around 2.5 hours and 3 hours from Kuta. Because of the location is far, you are suggested to drive a motorcycle or rent a car with a driver. 

If you want to visit Sekumpul Waterfall and trekking, you can go there in the morning. The perfect time is around 07.00 – 08.00. You may curious to know why you have to go there so early. The reason is because the opportunity to get rain in the morning is lower than evening. If you are unlucky and meet the rain, the access will be slippery and you have to be more careful. Now you can estimate at what time you have to start your journey from Denpasar or Singaraja City.

However, you don’t want to get up so early in the morning, you can stay overnight at Hotel Omunity Sujadi Bali. Then, you can start trekking to Sekumpul Waterfall from there in the next day. If you start you travel from Omunity Hotel, you have to prepare a motorcycle first. The distance is around 4 km. The access to the waterfall is steep and serpentine. Before you start trekking, you have to go down through the stairs and pay for the entrance ticket IDR2k for local and IDR5k for foreign.

Journey to Sekumpul Waterfall
To come closer to the waterfall, you must have a good stamina because you need to walk through the footpath for about 300 meters, descending hundred of steep stairs and crossing the river with the depth around 0.5 meter. However, the rural atmosphere, activities of the farmer, paddy terrace, greenish hill, resident houses with traditional shape, durian and rambutan tree will accompany you.

The journey of trekking really exhausthing but it is worth because you will see the twin waterfall with the height around 100 meters. The pounding of water from Sekumpul Waterfall can be heard from the distance around 80 meter and the sprinkle of water create quiet atmosphere. Suddenly, you will fall in love and want to explore this area.

Actually, there are many things you can do at Sekumpul Waterfall. But, mostly people who come here doing hunt the picturesque scenic view, playing with water, and adore the beauty of water. Even, some people come to the waterfall for prewedding photo session with the background of waterfall. With natural scenery, it will create an amazing picture for a big day in life. If you aren’t plan to do that, you can explore the waterfall and taking picture with your friends and selfi there.

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