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Exploring Mios Kon Island in Raja Ampat

Mios Kon Island or Kelelawar Island (that what local resident name it) is one of unique tourist destination in Raja Ampat. The island got the name  kelelawar because there are thousands of bats nesting in this island. Besides the bats, the island also becomes the habitation of birds. Even though the local know it as Kelelawar Island, but for the diver, they more familiar to Mios Kon Raja Ampat. 

Mios Kon Island is a beautiful island in Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat Regency itself has 610 islands, included the biggest island, i.e. Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati, and Misool Island with 35 inhabitants island. And only 400 islands have been explored. The rest are the virgin islands which are still hiding their beauty to the public. 
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In Mios Kon Island, you can find diving and snorkeling spots with the diversity of marine life, healthy coral, and colorful fishes. Although the location of Mios Kon Island is remote and isolated but the island keep the natural beauty, especially the underwater life. Even, the marine life at Raja Ampat known as one of ten best diving spots in the world. 

Mios Kon Island transportation
To reach Mios Kon Raja Ampat, Sorong City at the West Papua becomes the main gate because currently the direct flight Mios Kon Island transportation is not available, yet, as the new airport has been developing. 

You can keep checking the flight air plane that serve route Jakarta – Sorong, i.e. Garuda Indonesia, Express Air, and Wing Air to Eduard Sorong Airport. During promotion season, the ticket can be IDR3,000k round-trip, but when the vacation season comes, the ticket from Jakarta – Sorong can be IDR5,000k – IDR6,000k round trip.

As you arrive at Eduard Sorong Airport, you need to walk out of the airport to find public transportation with yellow color to Sorong Port. If you doubt, you can ask the people around you to direct you to go to the port. The rate is from IDR3k – IDR5k. After you arrive at Sorong Port, you can take fast ferry to Waisai City Raja Ampat (IDR150k) per person, or speedboat by paying IDR120k per person. Each transportation takes around 2 hours. Usually, the fast ferry depart at 12.00 and 13.00. If you want to go to Mios Kon Island, you can take speedboat from Sorong or Waisai which is take around 2 hours. 

What makes Mios Kon Island transportation expensive is because the cost to rent the speedboat and the fuel is expensive. That is why you are suggested to go there by group, not solo, because you can share the budget for speedboat, or even for spend the night at the hotel in Waisai. 

Exploring Mios Kon Island
Mios Kon Raja Ampat is surrounded by diversity of coral reefs, clean, white and find sand. The marine life around the island is healthy. What makes Mios Kon Island special and attractive is because when you see if from the height, the shape of the island forms ‘heart symbol’. That is why Mios Kon Island has a new name, not only Kelelawar Island but also Love Island Raja Ampat. So there is no doubt when people love to visit and come back again to Raja Ampat Papua. 

Exploring Mios Kon Island will give you chance to do many things. Not only such diving or snorkeling, but by exploring the island, you will have chance to experience how the bats and the birds could live there. A week is not enough to explore snorkeling and diving spots in Raja Ampat. You have to give extra time if you want to peep the island. Thus, you can search homestay, hotel or resort in Raja Ampat, Waisai, and Arborek Island. For practical adventure, you can join travel agent in Raja Ampat by choosing the suitable package tour for you.

Ijen Crater Tourism with Blue Fires at the Midnight

Ijen Crater or Kawah Ijen is the most acid crater in the world. It has 300 – 500 meters height of calderas and width until 5,466 hectares. The size of the crater itself approximately 20 km with the depth around 300 meters beneath of the caldera wall. Ijen view is amazing and you dont have to worry when you visit it because the spot tourism has beautiful scenery. 

Enjoying the mountain nuance is the main attraction as you visit Ijen Crater. Not only about the sunrise, but this place also offer you an incredible experience in life, i.e. the blue fire of Ijen Crater from the mid night to 04.30 morning. Moreover, you can witness the natural phenomenon of Crater Lake with turquoise color. As one of natural tourism, you demanded to have fit body before tracking to Ijen Crater because your stamina is tested if you want to explore this area. Are you ready?
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Ijen Crater transportation
Currently, the Ijen Crater accommodation and transportation are accessible and easier. If you start your journey by plane, either from Jakarta or Denpasar Bali, you can land to Juanda Surabaya Airport or choose direct flight to Blimbingsari Airport at Banyuwangi (for local flight). Here is the first route : Banyuwangi – Licin sub-district (15km) – Patulding (18km/1 hours) – Ijen Crater Gate. 

For the practical trip, you can join to Ijen Crater tour. They will arrange your journey from the beginning until you experience the blue fire at the midnight. You can rent a car or motorcycle, but you are suggested to have jeep double garden because the road toward Ijen Crater is windy and ascending. 

The second route is if you start the trip from Surabaya. You can choose Surabaya – Situbondo – you can go toward Sempol-Bondowoso sub-district from Wonosari – Patulding. This route is easier and accessible so that you can drive a standard car (not a jeep). As you arrive at Patulding, you have to walk for about 3 km toward Ijen Crater. The entrance ticket is IDR2k for local and IDR15k for foreign.

Ijen Crater Tourism
In the morning, you can welcome the exotic sunrise with the incredible panorama. The sun shine in the morning irridiating into the crater and it will be reflected while creating enchanting turquoise color on the surface. Although the water in the crater looks so calm but you have to be careful because it is extreme dangerous because the sulfur liquid in the Ijen Crater has 200 millions meter cubic with 200 degree Celcius. It doesnt only make your clothes melting, but perhaps yourself. Thus, dont try to play too close to the Ijen Crater.

At the south east of Ijen Crater, there is solfatara field that always release volcanic gas with the hight concentration of sulfur and it inflict a dreadful stench. Whereas at the west, there is water dam that is becomes upper course of Banyupait River. Actually the dam is also attractive spot to visit but only few visitors come there because it doenst accessible. It demand heavy struggle because the landslide often happen there. 

In the midnight, Ijen view will show you fantastic phenomenon. The sulfur liquid would flowing down continuously into the crater inflicting the blue fire. And you know, there is only 2 blue fire phenomenon in the world, Indonesia (Ijen Crater) and Iceland. In order to see Ijen view of blue fire, you have to climb the Ijen Mountain around 02.00 midnight from the gate (Patulding) by resisting the frozen temperature from 2 – 10 degree Celcius. But it worth to do because you will never able to find the Ijen view with a picturesque scenery in other places. 

Miners at Ijen Crater
Ijen Crater itself is a mountain crater that used as mining area of sulphur in Banyuwangi Regency and has become the biggest sulphur mining with traditional processing. Moreover, the crater has unlimited sublimit of sulphur because it comes out continuously and this have beneficial for chemical industry.

Usually, the miner carrying the burden by on foot while descending the caldera for 3 km to take the sulphur. That is not an easy work because they still have to dig it first by a very simple tools. And then they need to split the rocks and put it inside the big basket. Each miners may carry the stone for about 70 - 100 kg while wearing a mask as the breath protector. And still he has to go back again for 2 – 3 times a day.

The miners carries the sulphur on the shoulder toward Bundar Post and weigh it there. if you come there, you will see some miners sitting under the trees and stretching the body and the other miners packing the stone to the sacks and carry it to the truck. The price of the stone sulphure is IDR0.330 per kg. 

Yes, life is so hard in Ijen Crater area. It doesnt look as sweet as the blue fires for the miners. The money they get is not comparable to the risk of life they have to give it. To entertain them, dont hesitate to say hello and blend to them because they will happy to greet you. They are friendly and polite person and will always give you any answer of your question. 

Visiting Ijen Crater will make you more respect your life because there you will see how life is so difficult and have to struggle to earn the money. Watching people carrying heavy solid sulphur on shoulder should be demand strong body. In addition, the miners still have to process it traditionally. 

Ijen Crater accommodation
Outer the area of Ijen Crater Post, there is hotel that is organized by foresty department. The price is IDR100k per night. Besides that, you can stay in villa by paying IDR500k per night. If you want to get comfortable place, you can stay at guest house from PTP near Belawan and Jampir Farming start from IDR135k per night. But, you have to rent a car to take you to Paltuding Post for about 6 km.

Tips traveling to Ijen Crater
1. The right time to visit Ijen Crater is at dry season (July to September) because the access and the opportunity to see the blue fire is higher.
2. Your body must be fit because the route to the Ijen Crater is ascending and descending. Plus if you plan to surround the caldera, it takes around 10 hours by on foot. You can bring personal medicine, manset, wet tissue, water, tent, stick, boot shoes, hat, gloves, and jacket.
3. Hire local guide is also important because he/she has knowledge about this area. That is why you are suggested to join Ijen Crater tour with travel agent. 
4. If you want, you can buy souvernir from the sulphur with cute shapes from IDR5k – IDR20k.

Gili Labak, A Hidden And Fantastic Paradise At Sumenep

Gili Labak Sumenep may sound strange and new destination for oversea tourists because they must be more familiar to Gili Grawangan in Lombok. But, never jugde and compare the island before you visit and explore it. Gili Labak itself is a small island and in 2016 becomes one of the most wanted tourist destination for travelers, especially for local tourists to get a new destination and new experience in East Java. 

Even tough Gili Labak is not a mainstream destination yet, but since the netizen talking about it, they curious to know deeper about the location. The gorgeous and picturesque views that are published in internet make the real travelers directly include Gili Labak to the next destination. If you want to know more about Gili Labak, read on this article below.
Gili Labak transportation location
Gili Labak lies at Kombang Village, Talango sub-district, Sumenep Regency, East Java, and precisely at the east of Poteran. The island used to get a name as Tikus Island or Rats Island because the location is hidden. But now, it more populer with the name of Gili Labak. You can take private car, motorcycle, or public transportation to Gili Labak. If you arrive at Kalianget at night, you can stay at the resident houses that close to Kalianget Port by paying IDR50k – IDR70k per night. 

If you take public transportation, you can choose this alternative route : Surabaya – Sumenep bus terminal (IDR60k) – public transportation or ojek/taxi motorcycle or bemo to Kalianget (IDR20k) – crossing to Gili Labak by boat (IDR400k – IDR500k round trip for 18 passengers). Actually, there are many route you can take and it depends to where you come from.
1. Kalianget Port
This ia a common route to Gili Labak because accessible. From Sumenep City, you can go directly to the east around 10 km until Kalianget Port. At the port, you can take passenger boat or rent a boat for yourself to take you to Gili Labak Island. The trip takes around 2 hours.

2. Lobuk Village
For tourists who come outside of Sumenep City, you can choose Lobuk Village. The village has a dock and becomes the only one alternative route to Gili Labak, Gili Raja, and Gili Genting. From Sumenep Regency, after arrive at the Bluto T-intersection you can take a direction to the right and go straitgh on to the east until you meet a small pier. There, you can reserve a boat to sail to Gili Labak.

3. Tanjung Saronggi
Travelers also can take other route to Gili Labak, i.e. Saronggi. From Saronggi T-intersection, you can choose the route to the east. Just follow the road until you meet the beach. Near the beach, there is a pier and you can rent a boat to Gili Labak.

4. Kombang Village
The next route to Gili Labak is through Kombang Village. This is the shortest crossing spot by boat because the village is located at Talango sub-district. From Sumenep City, you can choose the road to the east until Kalianget. Just go straight on to Talango until you arrive at Kombang Village. You can rent a boat to Gili Labak by lower prices and shorter time.
This is the time to explore Gili Labak
As you sail by a boat to Gili Labak, you will meet several islands that look like floating. If the weather friendly to you, it will be easier to witness fish cages and small piers as well. And then, welcome to Gili Labak, a hidden paradise in Sumenep. Perhaps, the trip is exhausted but when you arrive, it is gone suddenly because you surely will amaze seeing marine panorama with crystal water around the island. The coral reefs also look so healthy and it looks like waiting to be explored.

There is one thing you have to do beside marine sports in Gili Labak, i.e. strolling the island. With a small area (5 hectares), it needs only 30 minutes – 1 hour to do it. Most of local resident work as fishermen, start from sailing, cleaning the fish, dry it, and then send it to the market. It is a common view in Gili Labak to see overlay dried anchovy. The smell is very peculiar. You also can capture the view and marine life from a perfect angle with your camera. The white sand and the gradation of turquoise color. You will see the boats that are sailing around Gili Labak looks floating above the coral reefs. 

After satisfied capturing the pictures, you can start exploring underwater of Gili Labak. Most of tourists plan to snorkel and dive. If you desire the same, you better bring your equipment from home because there is no rental equipment here. But if you join to travel agent, you may get it from them. The depth of the water at Gili Labak is from 1.5 – 4 meters. Even, before you jump into the water, you can see group of fishes and coral reefs easily. 

After snorkeling and diving, you can ask permission to local residents to clean yourself because the facilities for this one is not available, yet. After that, you can start to hunt local culinary. You can taste local culinary and young coconut (IDR8k). If you order a package (IDR100k) it is enough for 5 persons.

Visiting Vredeburg Fort in Yogyakarta

When you are in Yogyakarta and want to have a historical tour, Vredeburg Fort could be your choice. The fact that it was built by the Netherland army in the past gives Yogyakarta a western touch in the middle of local architectures. At first, the name of the fort is Rustenburg (rest) but later was changed into Vredeburg (peace). Thus, Vredeburg Fort  mean fort of peace. 
Another cool thing about this fort is that it is surrounded by trenches and it also has four control towers so that you’ll feel like you are in Yogyakarta in the 18th century. In fact, it was built in 1765 and the building area is 2100 square meters. With this spacious width, you definitely will have an amazing time exploring the place and taking pictures. Moreover, this place is now a museum so if you plan to do a study tour, you’re in the right place.
Vredeburg Fort is located at the end of Malioboro Street. In fact, after you finish exploring Malioboro, you can directly go this museum either by walking or hiring a becak. Since it’s very close, you just have to pay five thousand rupiahs to reach it from Malioboro. The admission fee to enter the museum is also very cheap. With only two thousand rupiahs (About 25cents), you can explore the old Yogyakarta and how it feels like to be in an old fort, just like in fairytales.
Just like any other museums, Vredeburg Fort has many antiquities from the Netherland era. There, you will also see dioramas from before Indonesia’s proclamation era until New Order or Orde Baru era. Besides, you can also see many historical objects, pictures from the past, and even paintings about how Indonesia’s heroes in the past struggled to defend the country. The moment of exploring the museum can be very thrilling as the museum atmosphere is set to feel quiet and somehow mysterious. Even, some say that it can at time feel haunted. Therefore, if you plan to visit, it is highly suggested that you don’t go there alone.
Although the place has been restored several times, the original form of the building is still maintained. So, you don’t have to worry that it’s not similar to how it looked like in the past. The only area changed is the indoor part as now the function of Vredeburg Fort is as a museum. Occasionally, seminars are held here but the must be an appointment beforehand. Furthermore, the place also provides a free Wi-Fi. There is also a library so if you want to know about Indonesia’s or Yogyakarta’s history, you can read the books there. On the outside of the museum, you can see some old monuments that you can capture with your camera.
In short, you should definitely visit this place because the lessons and knowledge you’ll get here are invaluable and the reminiscent of the past surely will give you a thrill. And the fort should be visited when you come to Yogyakarta.

Siberut Island, the Largest Island in Mentawai Archipelago

Siberut Island is the largest island in Mentawai archipelago. The total area of the island is 4.030 km sq. The terrain of Siberut is mostly low, only about 1,260 feet (384 m) in the western portion. The rainfall is quite heavy, thus the climate is humid and warm. The island is surrounded by beautiful beaches. The coastline is marshy and low. Many mangrove trees grow well here. 
There are also palm trees in its inland savannah. Agriculture develops fast, and it has potential products such as sugar, tobacco, sweet potatoes, sago, cassava, peas, pepper, pineapple and mango. While, the animal husbandry sector also develops well. The livestock includes cattle and buffaloes. Also, the industry sector is varied, ranging from copra, wood carving, coir production, basketry and weaving.

Siberut Island is situated in Padang Pariaman Regency, West Sumatra Province. Precisely, it is about 155 kilometers of West Sumatra coast and across the Mentawaian strait. The administrative region is divided into two districts, i.e. North and South Siberut. The entire area of the island is so fascinating that you will want to stay longer when you are in this island. The island has beautiful beaches and coral reefs. Also, the jungles are incredible with its unique wildlife and plants. The beautiful spots, either in the beaches and the jungles, offer you most interesting activities. You can do various activities in this large and unique island.

The most interesting activity you can do in Siberut Island is jungle adventure. You can freely explored the thick forests in this island. You can also visit a cave which lies in Central Siberut or waterfalls in the southern or northern parts of the island. You can even do a research while exploring the wild nature here. The island has interesting wildlife. Even, it has four endemic primates, i.e. Simakobu (Simias concolor), Bilou (Hylobates klossi), Joja (Presbytis potenziani) and Bokoi (Macaca pagensis). Observe the primates and see how beautiful creatures they are. Apart from jungle adventure, you can simply walk along the coast. Enjoy the beautiful white sand beach and see the beautiful panoramic view of the sea.       

When you arrive at Siberut Island, you will see that most of the area is surrounded by thick forests and remote. You will simply think that it will be difficult to find a place to stay. If you need to spend the night in the island, you can stay in one of the local people’s house. Ask your guide to help you negotiate the rate for the home-stay in which you sleep. 
You will also find it difficult to look for restaurants here. Hence, the best thing you can do is to bring enough food supply. When you do jungle adventure or other activity which needs more energy, you will not need to worry when you have enough food. However, if you have enough budget, you can stay in an inn or a more luxurious hotel such as Sirrahudin Hotel. It is better for you to ask for your guide to arrange your accommodations.    

Although Siberut is a remote area, a lot of travelers interest in visiting the island. This is because Siberut Island offers an incredible panoramic view to travelers.

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Klayar Beach Pacitan, A Beach With Replica of Spinx Statue

Klayar Beach Pacitan is one of favorite tourist destination in East Java. The popularity of the beach makes it as an icon of Pacitan City. The panorama of the beach with the lining of coconut trees at the seashore and the natural music from the wave, typically of southern beaches are really a great combination of a beach. Moreover, the natural sculpture on a huge rocks becomes primary attraction of Klayar Beach. Curious to explore more about Klayar Beach? Lets find out together.

Location of Klayar Beach
Klayar Beach is situated at Kalak Village, Donorojo sub-district, Pacitan Regency, East Java, or it can be reached around 1 – 1.5 hours from Pacitan City. The location of Klayar Beach has direct adjacent to Wonogiri Regency at Central Java so that the tourists come from other places too. 

Because there is no public transportation to Klayar Beach Pacitan, you are suggested to drive a car or motorcycle. With the adequate access, you can enjoy your vacation along the road. The entrance ticket is IDR3k and IDR2k to climb the hill at the side of the beach.
Klayar Beach has spectacular panorama
Even though the coastline of Klayar Beach isn’t too long just like other beaches nearby, but the cleanness and the beauty of the natural scenery cannot be underestimated. It proven by the crowd of tourists day by day, both local and oversea tourists. 

The white sand become the characteristic of Klayar Beach and the wave from the sea sounds like natural music. Even, you can do many things here, like climbing the hill at the seaside of the beach, ATV, relaxing at the gazebo, or even making a sand sculpture. Just keep in mind that you are not allowed to swim at Klayar Beach Pacitan because it has wild and unfriendly wave.

Klayar Beach is perfect for photography
Travelers, if you are crazy in love to the beaches and photography, you must include Klayar Beach Pacitan to your list of tourist destination. The row of coconut trees and enchanting of the beach will make your head full of ideas. In order to get panoramic view, you can climb up to the hill and capture the pictures from the height. 

Moreover, you can hunt the sunset in Klayar Beach as well. It can be said that hunting the sunset with the captivate colors becomes an obligation when you visit the beach. Yes, that is what you have to catch when you visit Klayar Beach Pacitan because you truly dont want to miss the exotic view on the western horizon. In order to get picturesque and wide view, you have to struggle and climbing the hill.  

There is a sphinx at Klayar Beach Pacitan
Yes, there is a sphinx at Klayar Beach. Dont be surprise, travelers. You may more familiar to sphinx statue in Egypt, but you can find the similar replica in the beach here. The sphinx ala Klayar Beach is made by nature and the shape is really similar. That is why the beach identical to sphinx statue. 

Actually, the sphinx ala Klayar Beach is a huge rocks near the seashore and it is pretty high. In a holiday season, you will see crowd of people taking picture or even selfi beneath the rocks. As a landmark of the beach, it is kind of free promotion to attract more tourists to explore this area. The combination between the big rocks and the turquoise water make it a perfect picturesque view. 

Water fountain with flute sound at Klayar Beach
This is another uniqueness of Klayar Beach Pacitan. Here, you will find unusual spot which is rarely to be found. The presence of the ocean flute is a kind of magnet for tourism. This is natural phenomenon that really interesting. 

The sound of water that similar to flute comes from the outpouring water from the sea. It penetrate the gaps of the cliffs. Then, the dammed water inside the rocks shot out for 10 – 15 meters height and creating the sound of flute. Thus, the local residents name it as the flute of the ocean.

It is really worth to visit Klayar Beach Pacitan, isn’t it? If you want to explore other tourist destination in Pacitan and East Java, you can book a hotel in Pacitan and rent a car or motorcycle. Happy traveling!

Rinca Island, A Living Place for Komodo

Rinca Island is one of islands in East Nusa Tenggara. The island becomes a place for komodo. Besides that, you also can do many things any time you visit the island. If you love doing outdoor activities, you will love to come here because you can explore stunning areas. But first, you have to recharge your energy because you will get around to finding komodo. Yes, komodo. Who doesn’t know komodo? Well, this is one of incredible reptile that lives on Rinca Island. But, you still have the chance to see the komodo in Padar Island and Komodo Island which are located in Komodo National Park. Rinca Island lies at the west of Flores Island and separated by Molo Strait.
It is no wonder when tourists from around the world come here to meet the wild animal. Rinca Island has amazing natural life. Once you come here, you will see the statue of komodo with three meters height. The scenery around the island just like savannah because it is dry and barren. The savannah will end once you arrive at the mangrove forest. Most favorite activity in Rinca Island is trekking. You can choose the short trek or the long one. The distance is about 2 - 8 km. If you are a real adventurer, you may choose the longest trek because you will have more chance to enjoy the beauty of the island and you may meet komodo with gigantic size.

Picture Liburanlokal
Along the trail, you can explore the dense forests and hills. When the day is friendly to you, it will be more interesting and exhausting. Thus, bring your water while enjoying the trek. In some spots, you will see monkeys hanging on the trees, groups of deer or buffaloes enjoying their lunch. The government has been trying to create the condition of Komodo National Park as natural as possible. Even, the animals like deer and buffalo must be available to keep the stocks of food for komodo. Once you meet komodo, you are not allowed to make a noise or disturb them. Although they walk so slow, but komodo is still a dangerous animal. 
The saliva of komodo consists of deadly bacteria. Even, a woman who is getting menstruation isn’t allowed to trek here because komodo has a ingsensitive sense of smell, especially to smell blood. In order to see the habitat of komodo, you will be brought to see the nest to lay eggs by the guide. After trekking to see komodo in savannah, don’t miss to climb the hills. From there, you can see many islands that adjacent to Rinca Island such as Bidadari Island in West Manggarai. The island has been popular for the diversity of fish and the green turtle with a beautiful panorama.
Calm and blue water will please you any time you visit Bidadari Island. Coming to Rinca Island and continued to Bidadari Island will give you unforgettable experiences. It is a perfect island to relax and close to nature.

Diving Spots in Nusa Penida Bali, Indonesia

Who loves traveling and exploring the nature? Well, Bali has so many tourist destinations for you who have a passion for adventure. This time, we will go to Nusa Penida. The island lies at the east of Bali. It has three main islands, i.e. Nusa Besar (Nusa Penida), Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan. The stretch of sand and rocky land with various marine tourism and culture become the main attraction. The island has been well-known with beautiful marine life as well.
The marine park spreads along the island. The visitor will love to see crystal and clear water. Most of them can’t even wait to snorkel and dive. To reach Nusa Penida, there are three routes you can take. Firstly, from Sanur Beach to Nusa Penida, that takes two hours by motor boat. Secondly, from Benoa Port to Nusa Penida that takes 1.5 hours by Bali Hai Cruises and Bounty Cruises. Thirdly, from Padang Bai Port to Mentigi Port that takes 1.5 hours by ferry. Here are some diving spots you can try when you visit Nusa Penida in Bali.

Lembongan Bay
This site is located in the protected area with shallow water around 5 to 10 meters depth. Lembongan Bay offers you soft and hard corals. The coral consists of many fishes. This is the best place to dive for amateur who still learning to dive and snorkel.

Gamat Bay
The distance of this spot is not too far from Toyapakeh diving spot. The water is so clear with steep corals and the hills direct to the strait. Even, Gamat becomes one of the best sites in Nusa Penida because you don’t need to drift diving too much. You can explore small caves and rifts to find colorful fishes and other marine life.

Manta Point
When you dive in Manta Point, you may meet 3 to 4 manta exploring this area. The spot just like underwater slope with 50 meters depth. There is no rock here because the area is fulfilled by limestone. Besides manta, you also can swim together with mackerel and tuna.

Malibu Point
Malibu Point is also popular for divers from around the world because in this spot, you can meet tuna, runner rainbow, reef sharks and stingrays. The visibility is clear around 20 meters. Divers will love to dive here because there are some flat corals.

Toyapakeh is nominated as the most beautiful diving spots in Nusa Penida because the area is protected from waves and current of water. Although the current of water is strong but it still can be tolerated. You will find blue trigger fishes and sharks in several spots near Pontoon. The shallow spots are good to snorkel. The visibility is around 30 meters with clear water.

Crystal Bay
When you dive in Crystal Bay, you will find an underwater cave system starting from 10 meters depth. It will be end inside a hole that becomes a home for bats. This spot lies at beautiful lagoon with white sand. If underwater current is calm, divers will be able to enjoy the scenery of marine life. Even, you may see nurse sharks and sunfish hiding behind the rocks.

SD Point
The current water of SD Point is strong and sometimes you can meet sharks and sunfish. This spot is suitable to a diver who is looking challenging adventure. You will enjoy the scenery of underwater life because the visibility is around 20 meters.

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