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8 Things To Do At Gili Trawangan Lombok

Gili Trawangan Lombok is one of favorite tourist destination at the eastern of Indonesia. Initially, oversea tourist more familiar to Bali, but when the beauty of Gili Trawangan isn’t disappointing to be visited, the tourist starts to come and peep the island. There are many things to do at Gili Trawangan Lombok. Just prepare your energy and time to do all of these activities below. Are you ready? Lets go!

1. Exploring underwater panorama
If you love water activities, snorkeling or diving, Gili Trawangan Lombok is the island you have to visit because the island is far from the city and it makes the water is free-pollution. The gradation of blue color can be seen as you arrive at the seaside. The crystal water in this island make it easier to see the marine life and coral reef even when you still on the boat. For water activities, it wont be enough to see it only from the boat because diving is the best choice to see the real marine life under the sea. The calm current water at Gili Trawangan is supportive to explore.
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2. Riding bicycle or cidomo
In Bali, you may frustate to see so many vehicles passing along the road, but when you visit Gili Trawangan, you wont see them because the local government prohibit the vehicles. So, the transportation you are going to meet there is cidomo or horse drawn-carriage from Lombok. Off course this is so unique because usually tourist destinations always full of vehicles. 

Beside that, you also can ride is a bicycle and rent it by paying IDR20k – IDR70k a day. By riding a bicycle you can explore Gili Trawangan. Just bring a map of the island to visit many tourist destination. Thus, prepare your energy and water before you start in. However, if you want to rent a cidomo to surround Gili Trawangan, you have pay around IDR150k – IDR200k.

3. Admiring clean beaches
You may have found so many clean beaches in the world but Gili Trawangan is different. The cleanness can be seen from the land to the underwater. It can be proven by the clear water and healthy coral reef. The key of this condition is because the local residents concern about the cleanness of the beach and the island. That will make you feel comfortable to sit on the sand, or just enjoy the picturesque view around the beach.

4. Hunting sunrise and sunset
Geographycally, the position of Gili Trawangan enable you to experience the sunrise and sunset easily because the one side of the beach facing to the east and the other side facing to the west. That is mean if you always hunting sunrise and sunset anytime you visit the beach, Gili Trawangan is a perfect tourist destination because the distance between the east and the west side are pretty close. You can go by on foot, bicycle or taking a cidomo.

5. Night life
Gili Trawangan is not only alive at the day, but if you are interested in a night life, this is a right place for you as well. The lining of bars and shops can be seen easily. Even, the situation is just like in oversea because there are lot of foreign travelers who love to stay in Gili Trawangan Lombok. With a friendly resident and adequate facilities, you feel like you are in your own place. You can find them at the central area or the local resident name it as Pasar Seni. The best time to visit is around 21.00 because all of bars are open.

6. Swimming, yeah!
Well, you are visiting a beach and if you miss for swimming in Gili Trawangan, your vacation wont be complete. Who doesnt desire to jump into the crystal water with calm current. The blue color of the sea and the gradation of turquoise water will make you dont want to wait any longer. For safety, just keep in mind to avoid swimming too far from the seashore because the wave and the current of water can be wilder. Usually, it will be signed by the ropes and small balloons that floating on the surface of water.

7. Jogging
Travelers, if you are a jogging maniac, dont miss it when you visit Gili Trawangan. The perfect time for jogging is in the morning, especially early morning while waiting the sunrise near the beach. Or, you can do it at afternoon while waiting the sunset. The track you can choose can be the footpath along the beach. Vacation is not only about relaxing, but here you can build your muscle as well.

8. Hunting a perfect pictures
Yes, Gili Trawangan Lombok is suitable for a photographer because the island offers you many destinations that must be captured into your camera. The beaches, the night life, the local resident, the bars, the tradition, the sunrise, the sunset, the marine life, or even when you snorkeling at the beach. You will never lose the idea anytime you visit Gili Trawangan. Promise!

Gili Trawangan accommodation
As one of tourist destination in Lombok, the facilites and Gili Trawangan accommodations are also complete compared by other places in Lombok. You can find hotel, from homestay, budget hotel in Gili Trawangan to five stars hotel. Even Gili Trawangan resort that offers you services and packages, such as internet, wifi, pedicure, menicure, sauna, spa, and swimming pool. So, you can choose any type of hotel depend to your budget.

You can stay at Vila Ombak Hotel, Desa Dunia Beda, Hotel Ombak Sunset, Scallywags Resort Gili Trawangan, Palmeto Village, Bale Sampan Bungalows, Villa Almarik Resort, Villa Nero, Kokomo Resort, Oceano Jambuluwuk Resort, and many more. And if you want to choose cheap hotel in Gili Trawangan, there are so many choice, like Icha Cottage,  Gili Life Homestay, Intan Inn Hostel, Angels Cottages, Denaya Lodge, Gili Tralala Homestay, Gili Smile Homestay, Trawangan Oasis Hotel, E’Wahana Homestay.

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