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Musyri’ah Hanum – Author of Tourist Destination in Indonesia (

Writing is my passion and I love to express my thought into my writing. I don’t really know since when I started but I thought it was began when I wrote my poets in the middle school. After that, I wrote my personal novels. I never been published it because I prefer to enjoy it for myself.
Although I graduated from chemical science, but I choose to be a writer. It was caused by a small accident in the laboratory. The high concentration of acid dropped on my tables. Alhamdulillah nothing happened. And now, I enjoy my time to be a writer because this job more flexible. I can manage my time easier. Why? Because I can start my work in the early morning and finish it at night. As long as you discipline and responsible to your duty, you will be okay. One thing I love to be a freelance writer is that I can make my own holiday. Still the condition is I have to finish all of my duties first.
Tourist Destination in Indonesia ( is my site that will give you deeper information about tourist destinations in Indonesia. You have to know that Indonesia is a large country and it offers you hundred tourist destinations. And now, you can enjoy my articles. And please feel free to give any comments to my articles because I will reply it soon.


Musyri’ah Hanum
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